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  1. A-6 Superpack

    i tried everything but it still doesn't show the aircraft...i didn't installed it well can some one help me cos this is the first aircraft that doesn't installed well
  2. allright i forgot about the update hahahah thank u mate i appreciated :)
  3. i need help to solve on how to remove the tanks??? I apreciate if someone helps me out
  4. A-6 Superpack

    it doesn't work for me :/
  5. A-6 Superpack

    which cockpit can i use can u send me the link
  6. how can i make the intruders work especially the a6e 's i put the foti cockpit ito their folders but they doesn't work can someone help me
  7. A-6E cockpit

    can some one help me why the a-6a , b and e's doesn't show up??? the only ones that show up to use are the electric, the tanker and the special edition ( FOTI) ??? it will be much apprecitaed if someone help me
  8. Intruder/Prowler Sounds

    where can i find that data of the aircraft
  9. A-6A Intruder - 'Flight of the Intruder' Special Edition

    there is a bit of a mistake because in the movie the aircraft carrier wasn't the enterprise, it was the uss independence hope it could be arranged btw i'm very new here :)

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