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  1. Ok tried it but messed things up. I now have the A-4 pilot sitting on the nose of the mig lol. I was flying the mig and wondered what that was on the nose moving around. on closer inspection it was the pilot moving his head. What did I do wrong? Help. thanks
  2. Heck never checked to see. Hmmm. brb. Duh do I feel stupid. Never assume anything lol. thanks
  3. I know I may get in trouble for askin, but I DO own the game and like all my others I use a no cd fix. Has anyone got one or direct me to a source. Please don't ban me for askin I spend more money then most on games and pc equiptment and like keepin it from wearin out. thanks
  4. fry's has some great blowouts sometimes. I picked up an xp1800+ and an Iwll xp333 board fpr $139.00. I shop allover for best deals. Lots of good stores in SD. Helps keep pricing in check.
  5. La mesa here. glad to see simmers are alive and kickin in good ol SD

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