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  1. Since i made my 1st skin of a PAF Mirage III based on Israel AF Mirage IIICJ Shahak, i have the base layer separate from Rivets and panel line layers. This takes half the load off in case i want to paint new schemes for the Mirage , which i will be frequently doing :D Skinning is awesome . Here, i shall post pics of my completed and in progress skins based off the standard Mirage IIICJ Shahak Templete provided by Thirdware . As i am just beginning to enter the world of mods and skins, all my works are up for discussion and criticism . I would really like to have some feed back from the members. First Up : for Naruto fans , a WIP Mirage skin of Akatsuki Airforce Sharingan jet :D > Some details neeed to be worked out . Need to redo the airbrakes and i would try to edit the pilot to look like an akatsuki member . Regards Mil Psd P.S. : MODS can i ask to merge my PAF Mirage thread with this one . Since from now on i will be posting all my mirage related works in this one thread . thanx
  2. Thats good to know . I'll search for it and have a look as to what i can improve on my skin . Once i get the hang of which part goes where, i ll add more skins for other AF too for mirage III .
  3. hi . is this model finished yet ? I would really like to have this one. i can help skin it too . Is it playable in WOI ?
  4. Hi all, Today i made my first skin for SF series WOI. This is a standard Mirage III CJ painted over in Pakistan airforce Mirage No.27 sq color scheme. Not exactly upto mark and since i am only beginning to 'skin' and have no prior knowledge of 3d skin templetes, there are some irrgeulaties here and there, like the camo on tail doesnt match with camo on rear fuselage and the canopy linings are still in original Israel AF colors. For some reason, Decals for Pakistan and all other countries dont show up in the game , so i had to paint the roundels and flag on the skin itself .? Regards mil psd
  5. hi . sorry for replying to such an old topic . But are those tuts out yet. i would really like to learn modding skins for different aircrafts. thanx
  6. SF2 Pakistan Viper Skin Pack

    Thankyou very much . hope i can use it for WOI.
  7. F-6 PAF 19 Sqdn "Warhawks" Skin v2.0

    Cool . u put a lot of work into that skin .
  8. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    This is great work Torno . do you plan to make this skin available for download !

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