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  1. KJakker Thanks for the reply.no i didnt try it as i didnt even know it.I wonder if the system recognizes two different types of internal guns so it can summarize them as gun groups.
  2. Good day to everyone! I was wondering if its possible in an aircraft with to or more internal guns to be able to choose one of them for firing.thanks in advance everyone for the feedback
  3. sorry,just a question:what is the start number in an aircraft characteristics?
  4. thanks FastCargo!valuable your information
  5. sorry guys,could someone enlight me as i have a small issue reading this topic.how can i load sepatately each pylon and not in pairs?till now i found this option only in imported planes such as the A-7D from column.us.what changes should be done in the data.ini file?thanks in advance,if its already covered the matter,im asking sorry,just give me the link.

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