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  1. camel stunt

  2. F1 102

  3. Ernst Udet Jasta 37

  4. Camel bulldog

  5. Se5 Mannock 74 Sqn

  6. playexpert ad

    I see it. It's on the main page right under the ad for OFF.
  7. I haven't messed with IL2 for awhile, but if memory serves me ( and it usally dosen't ) most of the planes in IL2 came with a "blank" or "void" skin which was just the basic lines for a plane with a white background. I never used them myself because those with much more talent then me had made templates for use with psp (layers and such) so it was much easier to make a skin since most of the work was already done. I've found grey scale versions of the OFF skins in the aircraft folder, and have been trying to make a template from one of them (not with much sucsess though). When I saw the title from this thread I was just wondering if the skinners here were making psp templates for OFF too.
  8. Roger that. I did switch it back to normal after taking those screens and it looks about the same. Now is there some sort of templates for OFF aircraft (like the blank IL2 ones) lurking about somewhere, or are you skinners just working of the original artwork and changing it from there?
  9. If it's the same fubar (and I believe it is) who did the fantastic work for IL2? This is a screen using one of his skins. slightly modified by myself. They look particularly spectacular when the high res setting in workshops is used.
  10. Finally!

    I've been playing OFF since P1 and never managed to make it the 17 hours.
  11. Cannot start after 1.30

    I'm running OFF BHaH on XP64 also. I have a dual boot setup with OFF on both XP32 and XP64 and it seems to run better with the 64.
  12. I think I was right behind you there. By coincidence, I just started a new campaign with the nieuport 17, and noticed your post. (and on a side note...I finally have broken the 1.7 hr survival by lasting more than 2hrs...yeah I know it;s suppossed to be 17 hours but 2 is good foe me.) :o)

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