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  1. Anyone else seem to be getting that idea? Kind of a sim-lite with "F-whatever Everyplane" being modeled for it? I mean ATF rocked, EVERYONE loved it, and MP was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Is that why it has such wide 3rd party support? Is that why the 3rd party guys don't address the patch concern so much? Is this the logical progression of SF? At the time, I remember flying Vietnam missions in ATF, with terrain that had rocks and palm trees at the beach, and charlie shooting AA at me as I went feet wet back to the carrier. Is that what most of you are hoping SF will become? Or maybe the question is, "Can it?"
  2. Just wondering, cause MP in Strike Fighters is gonna come out about the same time the Olsen Twins do animal porn. I'll wait, for both, by the way, but hey, can't we do some Lomac? Hyperlobby took about 8 seconds to support it, and I'll tell you first hand it is rock solid. Lomac tweak utilities are out there, and I am getting FPS in the 33 range in cockpit, and 50+ in external view. Still running my Pen4 2.4 with a G4Ti4800, but upgraded from 512 ddr to 1 gig ddr, and it made a huge difference. Let me know if any of you are up for it. While SF slowly becomes Janes ATF 2004 without MP, Lomac can fill some time.
  3. Anyone else have problems? I get to 93% on the download and it quits, kicking me offline. This has happened 4 times! I have dial up, no limits on time on line, and I don't have my PC set up to go offline if idle. In fact, I have been online for 4 hours right now without disconnection. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. Fast Eagle......you still around?

    Oh, hey, if they fix SF, no prob, I'll be there. I just don't think they will, or they will put out a patch that doesn't fix MP. I think Lomac will be the new bar to hit, but I don't think they will make a flyable Tomcat. I guess the Hornet is up in the air as to being flyable. New board looks great and it is super to see all you guys back here. Count me in!
  5. New Arrival

    Congrats man, all my best to your co pilot and the 4 ground crew.
  6. Fast Eagle......you still around?

    Hey! What about me?! I am still here! Screw SF, it will never get better, it will go the way of B-17II. But hey, Lomac Demo! This thing is beautiful. We gonna fly it?

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