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  1. quite promising. the gunnery like on gta ? or more freedom ?
  2. looking for free online converter

    is there any site convert more than 100 mb free with option fps and kbps ? i now famous web site that can do that but the limit is 100 mb if more than 100 mb it must pay i just usually need about 400 to 500 mb need to convert
  3. looking for a game

    <p> oh i remember too long time ago.it just weird we as a pilot hired by other and don't seem any clue that we finish any mission.it seem that navigation is not quite right too.rather that playing that better play tie fighter or x-wing series
  4. looking for a game

    ohh that's no fun if you now what i mean after i visit the site and browsing unfortenately only texture and skin and weather that can be modified thanks anyway
  5. looking for a game

    just 1 flyable aircraft a-10 right i need more aircraft in 1 game
  6. looking for a game

    oh i love any ww1 and ww2 but: speaking ww1 can we act as gunner or not like in il2 fb ? (speed of gun shoot) cfs3 editable or not (with third party app or by developer itself) ?
  7. looking for a game

    the (speed of and turn rate) missile and (speed of gun shoot) editable or not ?
  8. looking for a game

    but that simulation you mention i have played long2ago any way i love graphic of crimson sky at that year about 2005 or up i looking for thanks for reply
  9. looking for a game

    cmiww but arma is soldier simulation not flight simulation series
  10. looking for a game

    dcs is helicopter right? no, no helicopter i mean the enemy fighting like il2:fb or topgun 1 (enemy is mig21or mig 29 not other ) (pc series) that means very aggresive . is that sf2 enemy as aggresive as that ? thanks for reply.
  11. looking for a game

    im looking for game pc that can be edited like from thirdwire but with more aggresive opponent. i have try woi but the pc opponent seem not aggresive and i can't edited to make it more aggresive

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