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  1. SF2 Campaigns for Desert4

    nice campaigns but i cant see planes if i decide to fly with paran forcese thorough campaign customizer....same happen on normal desert map when i change planes any clues?
  2. Yes is the same...now if i create a single mission i dont see any ground vehicle on the map
  3. Thank you for your answer no,the carrier is the default one and i ve not modified hud data...the thing that is strange is the fact that without further modifications when i choose the red side all blues are gone...
  4. Hi ti all recently i modified the default campaign and everything was good but now if i pick a red side with campaign editor no blie planes appear on the map nor in the sky....any suggestion? With blue side no problem at all apart the fact that if i pick a plane taking off from tarawa class they sunk into the water...is like the tarawa is not "solid" thank you for answers
  5. domanda nabba

    salve a tutti,ho provato a cercare ma nn ho trovato nulla a riguardo...possiedo sfp1 gold aggiornato alla patch oct 2008,l'ultima per capirsi e ho da poco acquistato il 2 avendo scaricato molti aerei per sf1 volevo sapere se gli aerei della prima versione sono compatibili con il 2,grazie in anticipo per le risposte
  6. krfrge--- probably you have resolved my problem with the 3rd answer... i will try to do that. Thank you for the help and i wish you have understood my english...is terrible...
  7. hi to all now i have two problems first:the program loads only the desert map...others it says that aren't installed correctly...but i check that all necessary files exists.... second:when i try to add a plane in desert map there isn't problems but ships and ground objects are not shown... when i open the menu it is completely white.... if someone could help i appreciate a lot thank you in advance... P.S. i am sorry for the two topics...in one day!!
  8. Hi to all i am new and i downloaded the missioneur 2006 but when i try to load a map the program says that the terrain is not loaded.... so i tried to use Kme but is not very powerful editor for ground attacks... there is a good editor over there???
  9. with hard... i don't know why SAMs are scared of me..... thank you for the answer! thank you capun i will read it!!
  10. Hi to all! i have just installed Sfp1 latest patch and latest weapons pack (simply the best ) my question is: i have installed pasko's SAM,(a great addon :) ),but the game will not show any SAM when i play... can you explain how to add ground objects?? i want my SAM!! another question..now it seems that AAA is on strike....there is only one or two for airbase.... thank you for the answers!
  11. Hi again! I have a big wish... it is possible to see in the future more modern planes, like SU-34 F-22 etc?. i saw that there is not a big production of these jets, i saw a lot of "old" planes (ok i know that is a vietnam era simulation,but i like too much modern planes!! little question, i have downloaded the forrestal and wires and cat. have not problems, but there is possibility to land and take off again? when i try cat doesn't work thank you in advance
  12. thank you for the answers guys!
  13. Hi to all i am new on this forum,and i want to ask you some questions 1)i downloaded the latest weapons pack(great work :) !) but i don't know how to use laser guided bombs, (i drop them like stupid bombs) there is a different way to drop them?? i like precision strikes! 2)there is a CCIP to drop bombs like mk 82,83 etc ? 3)is not a question but a little wish... there is a possibility to include AtA refueling? 4)systems like targeting pods presents on loadout section are simply an estetic addon or they work? thank you in advance for answers!

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