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  1. Civilian Airliners and SAM Defenses Discussion.

    I wonder why it's not standard procedure. I guess it would increase costs. But the passengers' lives are not expendable; all means to ensure their safety should be taken. In a different world maybe...
  2. To be more precise, the issue is due to the Effects setting. Effects should be set to High, everything else can be set to Unlimited, AFAIK. As I stated countless times, with Effects set to Unlimited, the game uses specific DirectX 10 calls which have been implemented poorly, I guess.
  3. No apologies needed, you did the right thing by investigating further. We are all concerned about protecting intellectual property. SimonMavrick should have double-checked what he was going to upload. It could have contained anything. Also, there's a good reason why mods are mostly distributed with ReadMe files. The few ones who care to read them know who deserves real credit. Thinking about this upload, I'd suggest it to be removed. One of the admins can re-upload it with a whole new description, a simple copy and paste of that ReadMe file would do, I suppose.
  4. First of all, @russouk2004 linked what is an aircraft mod/add-on for HAWX, not a 3d model of HAWX. HAWX does not contain such aircraft. Second, if you downloaded the package, you'd notice a ReadMe.html file inside; this 3d model was reworked by YEYEYE (and AFAIK there is a lot of stuff from him here at CA, including well made cockpits, etc.). YEYEYE mentions a few other names as the original creators of the 3d model, referred to as "HAWX FFR-41MR MOD". It's the same HAWX mod linked by russouk2004. Who uploaded the mod should have copy-pasted the content of such ReadMe file as the mod's description, because the authors are mentioned and credited there! Of course, even who uploaded the mod did not care to have a look at the ReadMe file. Here's the mentioned file everybody literally ignored; Readme.html In the end, YEYEYE took this mod for HAWX and made it for SF2. He credited the original creators, but we do not know if it's a straight-away rip or if he obtained the source files and reworked them. I hope this clarifies what should have been clear since the upload was going to be made.
  5. Aircraft add-on + extra skin pack coming soon...
  6. Happy New Year

    Good to see you! Likewise, have a great 2020! 2019 has been a very positive year for me; I have engaged with the love of my life and I have passed many exams, so I am closer to graduation in IT engineering. However, back in November, my father started to feel bad. He's in hospital since December, and he's not in good shape. It hurts me not to see him at home anymore. Hopefully he'll soon be back. This reminds me how health is important in our everyday lives. So, I wish you all, dear members of the CA family, health and strength for this new year. Whichever obstacles you may encounter, know that friendship and love help get through them. Rob "Menrva" Minervini
  7. Soviet-Polish War addon?

    You're wrong, Stratos. You can add a reference map in TFDtool, but I never used that function. It's less than ideal, because you'd need to find a perfectly squared reference map which matches the terrain's HFD exactly, otherwise the placement of things will be way off. I do what Gepard says; I use charts, Google Earth and the heightmap view function of TFDtool, which shows coastlines and even river valleys. It takes weeks of full work, but due to RL it takes months to add most of the Real World rivers by hand via TFDtool, on a rather big terrain area.
  8. The terrain itself will suffice. I can test it anyway, without proper objects and aircraft.
  9. Wrench, I have some time to look at the terrain in the next days. Feel free to send me a PM and I'll see what I can do to improve the terrain on various aspects. I can tile the missing Mekong Delta area if you have not started already.
  10. Exactly. The same can be said about the F-22A Raptor's nose. While working on this aircraft add-on, I was puzzled to see that the nose of the Raptor looked different on various photos. In the end, I concluded that old Raptors have a darker nose, while newer ones still show a lighter shade.
  11. Nope, it's ripped from Tom Clancy's HAWX, same skin layout of InSky's Su-34. Ace Combat models are much better IMHO. Anyway, it's ripped, so forget about it.
  12. I have seen some screenshots of those peculiar prototype bombers. I wasn't able to find them anywhere here at CA. Are those from Capun's A-Team? If so, it's a pity we don't have "freeware" ones at CA. They seem a fun addition to the roster of what-if/experimental aircraft.
  13. Yes, that version of Stary's GH3 was just an improved stock tileset, with added TODs and visual bump effects. The latest Green Hell 3.5 by Stary is instead totally new, made from scratch with hand-painted tiles. I still prefer Green Hell 2 (showed by Stratos) as it is based on satellite imagery. I will send you a PM in the near future. Right now RL is limiting my time and resources. I can have a look at the .inis as well for all sorts of tweaks. For instance, in the nations.ini I'd change South Vietnam and North Vietnam with French Indochina. It's nothing important, but when obtaining medals, you'd see a more correct name for the historical period being shown.
  14. @Uhu I have made a nations expansion for SF2. It fixes those issues, adds more medals to many services and fixes even stock SF2 bugs. Here's the link: https://combatace.com/files/file/16986-nations-medals-expansion/ However, be aware that this expansion is meant for generic mod folders. It does not contain specific ODS medals, so you will not be able to obtain those by using this mod. But you gain a lot more in other fixes and additions, so to speak. I suggest that you make a backup of the relevant folders and/or files. The fact that you use the latest SF2 patch is perfect, as my mod is built upon the latest nations.ini of SF2.
  15. @Wrench I didn't know you've made so many new tiles already. Still, in most of my releases I created many transition tiles, so I know how time consuming it is. But it's no nightmare for me; only time is really needed, as RL is a b*tch ATM. For a quicker release, your tweaks will do just as fine. I simply offered to help improve it even more. But if you guys don't want to wait, no problem at all. I have other projects to take care of.

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