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  1. There's some runway mods by Piecemeal that populate airbases with many objects; AFAIK all lights, coloured ones as well, were all added to the .ini of each corresponding runway, so it was one hell of a job. Since objects do not move, with correct coordinates one could add lights on top of buildings etc. Those lights are of the same nature of the game's runway ones, so to speak. However, for buildings that are not part of an airbase, this method clearly cannot be applied. I think Stary's lighthouse 3d model is a better example for your needs.
  2. @ShrikeHawk If you wish to release modified files for my terrain packages, please check with me via PM first. I spend a lot of time and effort to make those terrains, and I don't want people to release edited or messed up files, for which I don't provide support, without my prior consent. The Madagascar terrain is meant not to have that much Friendly AAA or SAMs, because the only Blue airfields you get are civilian airports IRL. To sum it up, if things are done in a certain way in my terrain packages, most likely there is a good reason.
  3. Just a little note to my fellow modders; some mods include a custom red tracer, named TRACER2.tga, which overwrites the stock one. In the stock game, TRACER2 is actually meant to be green, as far as I can see. If a red tracer is needed, SF2 already includes a TRACER_RED.tga file. Here's all tracer files extracted from SF2: SF2 Stock Tracers.zip So, gun files should be corrected accordingly.
  4. In the end, I remade the fictive Sea Raptor livery; old games from the 1990s, such as Jane's Fighter Anthology or JetFighter III, portrayed the F-22N Sea Raptor simply as a YF-22 based on aircraft carriers. The Sea Raptor livery I propose is based on the YF-22 paint scheme, but it is stripped of its two-tone camo, so it's just light grey. I also added some USAF stars on both wings, as suggested by two images found on the internet;
  5. With all due respect, it is you who assumed that we modders and creators should all think and behave like you, that is to be non-caring about what others do with what we produce. I simply stated how it is for me and some other people I worked with. I never said nor assumed that everyone feels like me. Actually, my previous post is pretty clear on this aspect; I said that "not everyone is like me and like you". That is all but an ignorant thought/statement.
  6. With due respect, what have you done for this community during all these years? All I see is you downloading mods for free, never say thank you and instead complaining for it. Why there's a limit per day? Sites are not magically maintained without money. This site relies on donations, so with that limit it encourages users either to pay for a membership, or to contribute with mods. I have been here for so long, contributing with various mods, to the point that my mod contributions granted me less restrictions, so I can download more than 5 files per day. This doesn't happen magically, it took time. Last but not least, you claiming that you'd be happy if someone uses your 3d model etc... Clearly you're not a modder, nor a 3d modeller. Many here have experienced what it feels like to see someone steal your own work and claim it as your own, or even make money out of it. This is why rules exist. I've been through a similar experience, and to see someone else copy paste your hard work of years, and then claim it as his own, is all but funny. I make mods and I am happy to release them, as long as people don't steal them nor claim them as their own work somewhere else. You instead are one of those users who downloads stuff, that is all. You also asked certain questions all for a single Su-47 3d model that is not used by anyone because it's incomplete and can't be completed. I still have that lost 3d model. I didn't share it with close friends or anything like it. I shared it with another modder in the past, who attempted to complete it, but nothing came out of it. So I don't know why you're obsessed about having an incomplete, messed up Su-47 that nobody uses. I have seen so many mods here not being released even if they are complete. But I don't complain about it. I am happy for what is here already, lots of content you don't see on other sites. This site is great for me as it is. No hard feelings. That's all.
  7. You've made lots of wrong assumptions. First of all, there is a Su-47 available here, but it's far from being good. The other Su-47 which seems complete and better is actually much incomplete and far from being flyable decently. Source files of it were never available, so we are stuck with the 3d model as is, it cannot be modified. I for one don't feel like releasing something that's not mine, especially if it is not in good state. People are not all like you or like me. Everyone has the right to exercise his/her own reasons as long as doing so does not harm or insult others. There are still some 3d modellers here, and probably someone does have a better Su-47 in the works. So please, enjoy what this community has to offer already. Me and a lot of other modders have contributed much during the years, and to see this complaint is kind of heartbreaking.
  8. Me too! I spent a lot of time to find the correct decals, they were low-res and I had to tinker with them a bit. The fonts should be much like the real thing! Placement is as good as it can be, given that the F-22A is not the YF-22. Speaking of the aircraft itself, I love the YF-22's shape more than the F-22A's; this YF-22 paint scheme is a "what if" for it is applied to the production Raptor.
  9. YF-22 Scheme USAF Pac West Saudi Grey Egyptian Woodland
  10. Just like I imagined, so a VX aircraft would be less colorful and more low-vis. As for the prototype thing, I have made a YF-22 skin already, and very old games such as JetFighter 3 portrayed a playable F-22N but with the skin of a YF-22. I want to do something different. Below you can see the USN skin I described earlier; notice the F/A-22 decal, that's the name the Raptor got until 2005, and it really suits the Navy theme:
  11. @EricJ Since you're expert with painting Navy aircraft, I'd really like to have some suggestions by you for the fictive F-22N Sea Raptor skin I made. Right now it's just plain light grey, with a few decals applied; numbers on the nose, squadron name "VX-9" on the fuselage behind the canopy, etc. The skin is obviously what if, but I really like to make it somewhat believable, as if it were a real prototype back in 1998-1999. What kind of colour should the plane be? Should it be the same grey colour of your Super Hornets? By being a concept/prototype, should it have fancy black vertical tails with the squadron emblem, hi-vis decals or low-vis ones? I will post screenies at a later time, but I really feel like it's the most uninteresting skin I've made, of the whole package.
  12. SU-57 and wow

    @russouk2004 Are you still working on that Su-57 3d model? It would be the perfect antagonist for the upcoming Raptor addon. The Su-57 has finally received its NATO codename, "Felon" (https://theaviationist.com/2019/11/01/nato-code-name-felon-su-57-gets-its-reporting-name-and-it-couldnt-be-better/)
  13. Yes, now I understand. What I mean is that we should use the psi rings as reference for when we test the blast radius on the Range terrain, with simple buildings being placed in the target area at different distances, not hardened structures. Armor values of hardened structures were given rather arbitrarily by TW, and maybe they are off for nuclear blast radius testing. Such structures may or may not resist to the nuke at different radiuses. Structures with no armor offer a better test, so to speak. Will have a look at your info at a later time.
  14. Oh man, I almost forgot, you are the one who made the great CloudScape mods! And I credited you at the time I released the realSKY package... I'm getting old, LOL! Good to see you still around! Any new clouds by you are always welcome! They have the right feel. Keep in mind that we can even have different cloud graphics for each weather type. This is not implemented in realSKY yet, as I am not sure which clouds would be appropriate to which weather, and it's also a matter of taste. I'm open to your suggestions for future improvements of the mod.
  15. @KJakker Man, you wouldn't believe it, I was having a look at NukeMap just a few seconds ago! Great minds think alike! I am rather busy with RL but I am willing to help when possible with the weapon files, especially sounds and tweaks to the effects (I want to test with different .fx shaders that are available, as I did for the weather effects in my realSKY mod package). This is important to check as well. However, part of me wants to keep it as correct as possible; we should find the perfect values that work for WarheadType=14 (A-bomb) and WarheadType=15 (H-bomb). The other two are simply inappropriate, and I'd rather use something that's included in SF2 for nuclear weapons and find a way on how to make it work properly. Better and even faster, I think we should focus only on a specific type of ground object, a hardened hangar or something as strong as a cement building. From what I see on NUKEMAP, the "Air blast radius (5 psi)" is what should be used as reference; most buildings would be destroyed within it. SF2 uses the following statements to determine how strong a structure is (example values are those of an hardened aircraft shelter and hangar respectively): DamagePoint=140.0 ArmorValue=24516080.0 ArmorType=2 DamagePoint=100.0 ArmorValue=516128.0 ArmorType=1 So... how about creating a PM group for anyone interested in this modding effort?

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