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  1. I strongly support this, Wrench! It surely makes life easier for the End User. Sometimes, I reuploaded entire terrain packages for little changes (something for which users should condemn me, LOL!). But it's also possible to simply add another zipped package with just the updated files alongside the original, complete aircraft package.
  2. That's a very cool idea! Reminds me of the yet to be released Ace Combat 7; in its storyline there is a penal air squadron/battalion made up of convicts and probably even captured enemy pilots. I hate advertising my own stuff, but my remade Iraq/Iran terrains seem the perfect scenario as they include Teheran. Spec Ops helo missions from the Gulf all the way to the Iranian capital! The 1980-2003 version of the terrain has Iran set to Blue Side, but I think that through the campaign's .ini files there is a way to force Iranian bases as Red Side. At worse, I am always available to tweak the existing terrain and turn Iran to Red Side as default.
  3. It's a pity. The CTD's cause might be a "stupid" one. For anything that's terrain related, I'm here to help! Just let me know.
  4. Could also be a bug TK never bothered to fix. Or it could be a fault exception caused by the custom terrain you're using, which seems more probable to me. Of course it points to the TerrainEngine.DLL, the terrain's working logic is in that library. Which terrain are you using? In some custom terrains I made, I had to limit mission types for instance, or they would CTD (a lot of reasons, missing large airbases for bombers, no bombers spawn for one side during Escort or Intercept missions, etc.)
  5. RAAF Pilatus PC-21 for SF2 Ver 1.0

    Dels' usual top notch quality! Thanks for sharing this nice little bird!
  6. I have reason to believe it could be mostly due to the .ini files. Surely a weak PC will have trouble to render such high-res stuff, but I had numerous CTDs at loading, especially with some custom terrains. Turns out that it could be either the terrain's .ini files, or the ground objects' .ini files, etc. Someone a lot of time ago posted a thread about using Microsoft Sysinternals Suite to find the exact reason of CTDs. Not really user-friendly, but it seemed to work. I'll search for it and post the link if I am successful. EDIT: Here's the link: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/90077-sf2-loading-crashes/?tab=comments#comment-728035 I hope you can find it useful, PFunk! It talks about CTDs during loading, but the same approach applies to in-game crashes.
  7. Blame our favourite Ace Combat games for that!
  8. Ditto. Either that or it could also be a blank MAPENEMYICON.tga file inside the Flight folder. Remove it if you want to see Red planes showing up on the map view.
  9. The Chief and the Ensign

    LMAO!!! Thank you for such threads/posts, Erik!
  10. I am sure it's a bug in the tiles' alpha channels. I have seen it in other tilesets as well.
  11. TopGun Campaigns

    A beautiful surprise! Thank you for sharing such an original campaign package!
  12. Not possible, but I like the idea. Unfortunately, the game is programmed this way. We don't have the source code, and we cannot force the game to show something else when pressing M in-flight. By pressing M, the game is programmed to show the terrain and its tileset from a sort of bird's eye view.
  13. Me too. i just checked. Nothing to do with approval. Be careful, JSF_Aggie! The new version should not be uploaded as an attachment! The original v1.0 file can be removed and the 1.1 version should be uploaded in its place, instead. Just double check the interface when uploading the new version; you can remove the older file and reupload a new one, or you can upload the new one and also keep the older one.
  14. To my knowledge, that Su-34 model comes from Ubisoft's HAWX video game series. I downloaded the skins to find some clues, and I can confirm that they have the same mapping of HAWX 2's Su-34. Ripped 3d models from other video games are not allowed, AFAIK.
  15. daddyairplanes' idea is good indeed. The original Darius campaign also had Greek, Turkish and even German units, but AFAIK those were sort of what ifs; you could fly MiG-29Gs for the Germans, for instance. But the German Fulcrums were decommissioned back in 2003. So to stick to a more restricted and realistic OOB for Blue Side is the way to go, I guess. About the RWR, it's indeed one annoying problem. To fly in a F-22 and not being able to hear incoming missiles, all because of a few oversights in the .DLLs.

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