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  1. Thanks for not going into details. Most of us already know. TK could have made a separate 64bit executable like many developers did for their games, but he didn't...
  2. First of all, I was talking generally, I didn't say explicitly that SF2 is 32bit, but guess what? It is. It's a game from 2009. Back then, 64bit OS were not exactly common. TW would have killed themselves by making a product which works only on 64bit. What's the point if only a smaller audience would actually get to play it? Agree to disagree. You basically suggested rlwicker1967 to upgrade the PC to have 16GB RAM, a top of the line graphics card with 8GB VRAM etc. Basically, a super gaming PC which is adapt for much more complex, modern videogames. SF2 is an old game (2009) which uses a game engine that dates back to 2002! It does not perform well because it's not optimized properly, not because rlwicker's PC is not adapt. He's not trying to play Digital Combat Simulator or Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Strike Fighters 2, for how it looks, should work much better than it does on mid-end PCs. Again, another ignorant statement. Nobody uses FAT32 anymore, fragmentation issues are minimum on NTFS systems. Defragmentation on NTFS will not solve any bottlenecks or hiccups dependent on the load on GPU or CPU, on bad programming or outdated libraries used by certain videogames.
  3. This is bullshit. A 32bit OS will not allow you to use more than 4GBs, even if you have 16GBs on your machine. The same applies for software executables. Softwares which have been compiled to work natively on 64bit OSs will use more than 2GBs if available. If they are compiled as 32bit executables, only 2GBs (at max 4 in some instances) of your 16 will be allocated. It has been explained numerous times, Strike Fighters 2 is poorly optimized. The engine is outdated, it looks like a game from early 2000s, and yet it performs poorly on systems which are way powerful. If TW will make the next edition of the game work natively only on 64bit OS, together with latest DirectX 12 libraries, many will see improvements on FPS without the need to buy a super PC with NASA specifics. I have other videogames which look way better, and they even perform better than SF2 on my low-end machine.
  4. Not really a mystery; if he is using my Nations Expansion mod, SovietNavy has been added to it, so it works. TW should have separated the Soviet Air Force and Soviet Naval Aviation, but didn't.
  5. You actually pre-ordered. Check with TK, maybe you can cancel your pre-order, and just pay the difference for the Complete Edition. My bet is on the original 29 DLCs, ported. Work on new ones is not impossible, but I guess it depends on how well SF2 sells.
  6. I agree with @yakarov79. I also get @Nyghtfall's point. TW created some decent aircraft 3d models, but the terrains? Dear heavens, they are atrocious! Not just visually, but also taking into account historical and geographical accuracy. The Vietnam terrain from SF2V is an absolute mess, which reminds me that I have yet to complete the WIP rework of it I have. So, I'd rather have important fixes from TW, game engine wise. Terrains? Hell no, leave those to me and a few others who put passion and research into them.
  7. I'd say on random. I'm stuck at the latest patch level for years and I remember it has happened to me, before I gave the .inis the read-only property. Not sure what triggers it. I know for a fact that the game refreshes such .ini files for new texture entries each time you run the executable. Maybe that's the culprit.
  8. Yes, I do confirm this. It keeps happening from time to time, unless you make such .ini files as read-only. This is mostly important for any AI aircraft which have been made flyable. The stock .ini files for the AI planes have no statements for cockpit and avionics, thus such aircraft seem to disappear.
  9. It has not. I'm on the latest patch level, I have custom InitScreen bitmaps working. Aren't they the same?! You have to put the bitmap in the installation folder. SF2 titles merge into the same Strike Fighters 2 folder. I am not talking about mod folders. You have to leave those alone. You must ensure that you run the StrikeFighters2 Nihon Hitori 2020.exe (same name as the .ini).
  10. You have to put the bitmap inside the Menu folder of the installed game. Not in the mod's folder as usual.
  11. Me too, but the 3d modeller in the team is busy with RL at the moment. The aircraft is pretty much done. However, the cockpit's 3d model requires additional work after some details I discovered about the real one. It will be completed, that I can assure you. We put so much effort in it, it would be a waste not to complete it.
  12. Mod package has been updated to Version 1.3; huge overhaul of the mod, check the change log!
  13. SF1's hangar noises work just fine in SF2. I added them back in my SFWOW Menu Screens mod. Don't remember exactly how. Just download and have a look. IIRC, I had to add some ini statements; I think I had to a make separate HangarNoise.ini which is referenced inside each hangar's menu screen (that is, planning map screen, roster screen and loadout screen). Hangar sounds, IIRC they have to be put inside the Sounds folder, not in the Menu folder.
  14. Admins, if possible, let's pin this thread. It's useful info.

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