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  1. I think you have a corrupt/incomplete downloaded .ISO file or the tool you used to extract the .ISO messed up badly. There's no such thing as installe.exe and installx.bin files. Inside the .ISO you should find the following (check screenshot): The completely downloaded file weighs 3.47 GB. The ISO does not need to be extracted, you can mount it directly on a virtual drive if you're on Win10 or Win11 (more details here: How to mount ISO images on Windows 10 | Windows Central). If you really want to unpack it, you should use the latest available version of 7-Zip.
  2. They don't, I mean TK doesn't. TK created the server and no moderators exist for his TW server. Actually, it is surprising it is plagued very rarely by spammers, but nobody can remove any such posts from the server when they happen. TK does not deal at all with his own server, technical support for end-users is non existent. I'm sure there are fans who would gladly help him manage the server, but he's not interested in any interaction at all with the community. BTW, ThirdWire is a one-man development team, it's just TK at this time.
  3. We need a beacon of light to show us the way...
  4. Nope, Strike Fighters does not support a third Neutral force. It's either Enemy or Friendly side.
  5. It's not, I downloaded it and it's there (F-19_cockpit_NS.LOD). Make sure 7-Zip or WinRAR are updated to the latest.
  6. It will, but it won't offer the correct experience. If a terrain requires a specific .cat, using another one can cause all sorts of issues, like missing stock objects for target areas. Desert.cat and IsraelME.cat share various types of target objects but not all of them, so using one instead of the other can bring issues. If a terrain requires GermanyCE.cat for instance, it's just best to own Strike Fighters 2 Europe for a flawless experience rather than changing the referenced .cat archive.
  7. Add-on package has been updated to Version 1.1; read the change log for further details.
  8. Add-on package has been updated to Version 1.2; read the change log for further details.
  9. Oh man, great stuff! I had started a remake of the Cuba terrain last year with hi-res heightmap. I should get back to it someday.
  10. No, it doesn't work like that. DLL files cannot be packed into CAT archives nor can be added to mod folders, they are the main game's logic and libraries. You have to add your DLL in the proper subfolder of the game directory alongside the other stock game ones.
  11. If you did what I explained already, you can merge both my mods and they work fine. I'm not adding fictional countries to my nations expansion package. The Ace Combat one is meant to be used by modders who want to build an Ace Combat mod folder, but no one will make it given the little interest it got. Maybe someday I'll complete it with reworked userlists for aircraft and objects so that it works with those fictive nations right away without the need of having real ones.
  12. Well, folder support would actually be useful, it would allow us to replicate the stock game's .CAT archives. I think it's worth having. It depends. I experimented with a terrain packed into a CAT and there was no such gain. The real gain, if folder support is added, is to have identical textures be shared between objects instead of having dozens of copies of the same texture. That would bring some gain. An effective way to optimize stuff would be to map aircraft and object 3d models to a limited number of texture files. Having 4 or 5 bitmaps for each aircraft skin surely offers best quality but at much expense of VRAM. That is why sometimes you get black/missing textures in ODS and in other bigger mods. How the game loads textures into VRAM is not in our control and from what I see the game is ineffecient on this end; play consecutive missions in a campaign and it feels like VRAM is filled with textures loaded from those previous missions, even if certain objects are no longer present in the new mission. Unfortunately it's not like we can remodel and remap hundreds of aircraft. Resizing all textures to 1k or 512 resolution is out of question for ODS, I already lost weeks in resizing most of them manually to reasonable values as a compromise between quality and performance.
  13. Glad to hear it. The screenshot was not needed, I already understood the bug with what you wrote.
  14. GUNSHIP IV (Mobile sim)

    Except he isn't. I'm afraid some people don't recognize it for what it is. That is no interactive cockpit if you ask me. It's interactive when it works properly in-game and all the counters and other bits reflect the in-game physics. And the A-10 cockpit? I've heard he's done it many years ago, nothing fresh and original to the table. The ones making something very big are the Falcon BMS guys. And all for free, without deceiving people with a Kickstarter showing 3d models and renders took from other authors and sites. I'm happy for Phanotek, they made 10k rather quickly. TK should probably learn from them on this regard. I'm just glad I'm not wasting money on it. Those who do, well, happy for them.

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