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  1. Iranian F-14s in Retrospect

    During the development of Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary Edition, we found ourselves with so many sketchy details on the IrAF and the order of battle of Iraqi air units. Tom Cooper's data helped us quite a lot, but I personally went further to countercheck it with other sources I found with time. I still keep backups of them. It turns out I clarified few unit names in the IrAF, which aircraft they flew at the time of the Gulf War and on which airports they were based temporarily. It's a pity we do not have incontrovertible info; that 8 year long war left terrible wounds both in history of man and of aviation.
  2. First of all, this is not a standalone game, but a mod requiring you to own and have installed three Strike Fighters 2 games from ThirdWire. Second, you can't expect help when you keep ignoring my posts where I tell you what to check. Third, without any details, it's just childish to ask help like you do. You already did not one, but three times already. We cannot help you since you're on deaf ears and you still give zero clues of what you did on your end. This is the post you have ignored, just above yours, and I had pinged you. I always try to help. In this case, I cannot go further than this.
  3. @elo82 You should post in this support topic for help, not in the comments section. I wish I could help, but the issue you are having has to do with your system, the mod works for pretty much everyone else. You must point the installer's path to your Strike Fighters 2 game directory (you need all three SF2 games installed: SF2, SF2 Israel and SF2 North Atlantic), patched to the latest July 2013 patch. After installation of the mod, you should find something like this in your Strike Fighters 2 directory (not the mod folder): If you do not have all three SF2 games I mentioned and do not use the latest July 2013 patch, the mod simply won't work. I cannot help more than this, I'm not on your system and I simply cannot have a clear picture of what's happening on it.
  4. The entire mod has been re-uploaded and now awaiting approval. This is the same v0.9.6 version released in December but with the January Hotfix integrated into it. The only big difference is about the installer now using x86 compression, hence now it should run on a 32bit Windows OS. If you have already downloaded the mod and the installer works for you, there is little reason to download it again. Take care.
  5. That is not yours, that's the ripped off Ace Combat Assault Horizon 3d model converted (I guess by Insky) for use on SF2. Unless site rules change, we do not allow sharing of copyrighted material. You may want to remove that public link you posted, the site admins are not going to like it nor allow it.
  6. Thanks to you! Positive comments are a rarity these days. I would like to improve the mod even more, but nothing I can do without support. We have no third-party tool to edit .STR stringtable files, so I cannot replace call signs appearing in the speech subtitles for every language (Arabic is an exception, hex-editing was possible within file size limits). Also, not sure how the Persian language is actually Persian, I have no transcription of the call signs it uses, so I'm hoping for someone to come with that info eventually.
  7. For those interested, do know that alternatives exist. This is just an example, and it's free for those who know how to program and compile a little: https://github.com/xinntao/ESRGAN Even giants like Adobe and Nvidia are working on their own versions for various purposes. Results may vary greatly. For things like terrain tiles, this approach does not seem to work well enough yet. AI networks are trained on countless datasets, but it will take time until they can be trained to understand a million different use cases if not more. At the end of the day, nothing will beat human interaction. Skins and textures we produce may not be perfect, but they are the result of much thought and artistic expression. AI networks are a good thing, don't get me wrong, but they deserve to be applied on Real World problems more than on art stuff. AI was applied extensively on the remaster of the GTA Trilogy, it turned out to be a piece of crap; it got little to none quality control check by the developers.
  8. Mod package has been updated to Version 1.1; huge update, read the change log and updated description for further details. If you've been using a previous version of this mod, it's recommended that you completely remove the Speech folder from your mod folder before installing this new one.
  9. Of course you can! Where have you been? We've done it on ODS 30AE to enable given loadouts on specific days of the conflict. Even the B-52G you reworked for the mod should be using specific loadouts at given dates. More details on the parameters available for the loadout.ini here: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/78200-mig-31bm-mini-update-pack/?tab=comments#comment-755029 The site's search bar is incredibly powerful, with few key words you can soon find an answer.
  10. Add-on package has been updated to Version 1.1; read the change log for further details.
  11. A clarification for the few ones that experienced a not working installer (without giving clues nor proof they could have given). The installer is a highly compressed package (15GB compressed to 3GB); this was possible thanks to a 64bit compression algorithm. This means that the installer may not work on 32bit systems; I am surprised people still use x86 systems in 2022 as my low-end PC already featured x64 architecture back in 2013. In the future I may plan to recompile the installer (it takes half a day if not more just to compress all files). I do not guarantee it will happen, definitely not soon. Thank you for your understanding.
  12. I'm working on a major expansion of the Speech Enhancement mod. Next version will include rather complete and correct speech packs for Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese and Arabic languages, obviously taken from different sources which will all be credited. A modified Nations.ini file, based on the one from my Nations Expansion mod, will add all such languages to the proper nations where these languages are official. I would like to add Russian, German, French and other speech packs, but the ones we already have are either much incomplete, a total mix of random words, or whatever. So I will not add those. The ones I will include are mostly complete and meant to be proper, not just for immersion. I also found what appears to be a Persian speech pack (from the Multinational Speech Pack available here at CA, it was wrongly classified as Arab, no idea where it comes from or who made it). No idea if it's coherent or if it's just a mess of casual words. Can someone tell if it's proper? In such case, can anyone help me transcribe which the callsign names are? Without a transcription, I cannot fix in-game speech subtitles and callsign names to reflect those of the speech files.
  13. @EBW For troubleshooting and support, you might want to post in this topic instead of the review section. Thanks for the positive comment, though! No idea why the mod does not work on your end, but if you have an old low-end system, you might try to set all graphics settings to Low. This is not stock Strike Fighters 2, the mod is much heavier on resources than stock ThirdWire games, hence you might not be able to use the same settings between the two. Also, you must have a dedicated GPU. Intel's integrated GPU is not supported and never will be, it simply cannot handle a big number of polygons and high resolution textures on this old game engine. Let me reiterate to anyone; Minimum Requirements about video card and CPU are what they are, minimum requirements. If you're just above them, don't expect to be able to run this mod with settings on High or Unlimited. Strike Fighters 2 is one thing, this mod is another. If you can run Strike Fighters 2 on High and Unlimited, the same cannot be directly applied to the mod. It all depends on your system. EDIT: Mod page appears as updated, but I simply added some more info in the Suggestions for CTD issues section. Mod package is the same of December, please do NOT re-download.
  14. The mod folder gets installed automatically on the system drive. If you run a stock game executable, I think a blank mod folder would be created in the same spot, so this shouldn't be a problem. You need all three TW games that are listed, one does not suffice. You might want to move the mod folder elsewhere and see if it changes anything, but then you'd need to fix the mod's path inside the Options.ini file manually. If you don't know how to do it, check the SF2 Knowledge Base: Running mods from a different disk partition - Thirdwire: Strike Fighters 2 Series - Knowledge Base - CombatACE Wish I could help, but you gave zero details. The above post may help you understand what may be wrong with your system. I cannot see nor imagine what the situation is on your end.

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