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  1. http://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-england-gloucestershire-42019484/world-war-two-female-spitfire-pilot-dies-aged-94
  2. Fiat G.91R pack v1.0

    What a surprise! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to any updates!
  3. Thanks! Actually you can tell me the details if you like, since I am an amateur programmer myself, I am always eager to learn new things! Speaking of planning maps, me and krfrge have been working on templates to create stock-looking planning maps, and it's turning so good that we might release a package with both a tutorial and the templates. The only thing that we miss and need are the airport icons of stock SF2 planning maps. I was wondering if those simple blue an red circles could be replaced with such icons (I already extracted them and saved in .PNG format), and maybe even rotated according to the Target[001].Heading=XXX value (as long as that Target001 is a Runway). I also noticed that such airports icons are simply fixed in size for all three planning maps, so there is no need to resize them in the software. The only complex thing would be the rotation, I think. With such an automated placement of airport icons, we would be able to create planning maps in the same TW style in no time. If you're interested, just give us an heads up!
  4. Thank you so much, wonderful update! I don't want to bother you any further, but I discovered something that may be useful for the next 1.00 version; in the TFDtool.ini file I have seen the following lines/parameters: [Export] Planning_map_Grid=0 Planning_map_Labels=0 Planning_map_Icons=0 IIRC, they were meant to enable or disable certain details from the planning maps, depending on the set value, 0 or 1. In recent versions, setting them to 1 or 0 has no effect, planning maps are always generated with all elements. Was it always like this? I swear it seemed to me that it worked like I explained, in some old TFDtool versions. Well, that is all! Thank you again for the speedy bug fixes!
  5. I have no problem with targets, I just noticed that the Embossed Texture Bitmap exported by pressing F8 is a portion/corner of the whole terrain, and this happens because I suspect its ratio calculation might be fixed (other exported bitmaps work as intended even with 250m heightmaps). My terrains are already available for download here at CombatACE (SF2 Full Terrains section) and feature such heightmaps. If you need only a few files, I'll send what's needed.
  6. gerwin, I discovered a bug in TFDtool, actually nothing big. Since my custom terrains use 250m heightmaps, (instead of TW's stock value of 500m resolution), I noticed that the Embossed Texture Bitmap (the one obtained by pressing F8) only portrays a small portion of the terrain, while the Texture and Height bitmaps are exported correctly. Also, 250m heightmaps cause your tool to crash while exporting planning maps (F10), but it's wrong to call it a bug I think, since your tool wasn't meant to support 250m resolution heightmaps anyway. Many thanks for providing the community with such a powerful tool!
  7. Nice catch! Mue knows a lot about SF2 shaders, he might know what's going on.
  8. Thanks. I wonder how it can be imported into GIMP though. I am still trying to learn how to use GIMP.
  9. Weight of Chains #2

    Yes, it is. I've just watched it. Such a well-made, eye-opening documentary. Thanks for sharing this one, Snailman.
  10. Thank you very much, you're so kind! BTW, since this Spring's Windows 10 Creators Update, my Photoshop copy no longer works, so I had to resort to other alternatives. I tried GIMP, but I really struggled with its GUI, so in the search of another alternative I discovered a great freeware, called Krita. Its interface reminds me a bit of Photoshop, and I find it simpler to use. You might want to give it a try if GIMP is that hard to use, at least for me!
  11. Beautiful! I'd love to make such stock-looking planning maps for my terrains, but I guess the recipe is a secret ;)
  12. Stupid me, I am still sleeping I guess, LOL! Making a package with both YF-23 and F-16 (XL if possible) makes sense, it's the same squadron after all (actually both Wizard and Sorcerer are part of the same squadron, they are just two different flights). Making a separate upload could be useful in case you'll update only one of the two skins. Your choice. According to Acepedia, it seems that Wizard uses the F/A-18C (most likely with a generic skin, Project ACES couldn't bother to add certain details in a PS2 game) during Operation Battle-Axe, but for some kind of reason they get the YF-23 and F-16 after the defection to AWWNB. Sorcerer instead uses the same aircraft, before and after the defection. Weird choice by Project ACES. EDIT: about Wizard's Hornet, just as I thought: http://acecombat.wikia.com/wiki/File:Fa18c_wizard1.png
  13. Sorry zachtan, I couldn't resist. Next time I won't spoil anything. The YF-23 is a beauty, and AFAIK there aren't so many skins for it, so go for it. I'd rather have this one than the F-16C in place of the F-16XL. Didn't dtmdragon have some kind of template? He made hi-res skins for the F-16XL a while ago.
  14. zachtan is recreating skins of the Ace Combat universe, but who knows? The only famous F-16XL I recall from Ace Combat is that of Wizard Squadron: http://acecombat.wikia.com/wiki/Wizard_Squadron

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