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  1. @Pensy101 Thank you very much for posting such links! Michael Holm's website is a gold mine! If you can, I'd really like to know the composition of the carrier groups for the two carriers, Minsk and Novorossiysk, as well as their air units. I suspect that only one of them had Yak-38s, the other carrier carrying helicopters only. EDIT: My bad, I missed this bit of info you posted: "201st Anti-Submarine Warfare Brigade (Kotlin-class destroyers Burlivyy and Vyzyvayushschyy, Kanin-class destroyer Gordyy, Kashin-class destroyers Sposobnyy, Steregushschyy, Strogiy, and Odarennyy, Krivak I-class frigates Poryvistyy and Razyashschyy, Krivak II-class frigate Gordelivyy, Kresta I-class frigate Sevastopol, Kresta II-class frigates Admiral Oktyabrskiy, Vasiliy Chapaev, and Marshal Voroshilov, and Kiev-class aircraft carriers Novorossiysk and Minsk.)" Still, I read somewhere that the Minsk had Yak-38s from the 311th Independent Shipborne Assault Aviation Regiment, but no idea about the Novorossiysk
  2. Thank you guys, I'll have a look at everything. I didn't post details about the terrain, but some of the already mentioned airbases were added as Off Map ones, as in SF2NA Iceland. I could use some help from a campaign guru; Off Map Airbase aircraft do not spawn at all, but everything looks like the regular SF2NA campaign. That's correct. I doubt the Reds would send Su-15s towards the Midway Atoll. Like the MiG-23s, they can't make it, no in-flight refueling. Some MiG-25s could refuel in-flight, but the MiG-31 was the real deal.
  3. I had checked that page before. It doesn't help much, because you can see that most of the listed units were introduced later than 1983. Thank you for the effort, though.
  4. Thanks. I can't seem to find which unit the MiG-31s came from. For instance, Wiki says that 865 IAP based at Yelizovo was equipped with MiG-31s only from 1985. But Wikipedia can't be trusted on such matters.
  5. No, you're right about the MiG-23s. I don't see how I can base them at the small Kure Atoll Airfield though, they would have to reach it first and the problem remains. Hence I am asking for more probable air units to add, apart from the usual long range bombers. I would like to know if there were MiG-31s in the Pacific area at the time. At least those are capable of in-flight refueling.
  6. There are MiG-23MLs and others which should spawn at off map airbases, I implied it in the first post.
  7. I wanted to find a bigger use for the terrain I am making, and then this idea has come up. The USS Carl Vinson should have been around the Hawaii area by that time in RL. I imagine that a USMC unit from Hawaii gets forward deployed to the Midway Atoll to combat Soviet presence around Kure Atoll, which has gone dark since its LORAN station has been abandoned in the 70s. The campaign will pit the incoming USS Carl Vinson Carrier Group against the Novorossiysk and the Minsk Carrier Groups (the latter gets dispatched at a later time). I am having a bit of trouble in finding more info about the Soviet Pacific Fleet escorts and air squadrons. The USN units I chose should be correct for the period. There are still issues as the campaign is not balanced yet and Off Map Airbase air units don't seem to show up (though off map airbases work in single missions). More storyline details in the image below (little references to Ace Combat 5 for the few, good players who know it). If someone can help with more info about the Soviet Pacific Fleet, air units etc., I'd appreciate.
  8. Hi, Trent! The older terrain is not needed, although I didn't include any additional third-party Ground Objects which the older terrain package does include. You can live without such objects, they do not concern your problem. Since you're new, you might want to have a look at the SF2 Knowledge Base we have here at the forums, to better understand how SF2 works with mods. In this case, the following link explains how to create a Mod Folder where you want to add the addons you have downloaded: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/62302-what-is-the-mod-folder/ The terrain's folder (TimorNO) must be put inside a Terrains folder (you need to create it, if it doesn't exist). Do not confuse the Mod Folder with the game installation folder. The installed game needs to be clear of any addons. Mods are handled in separate folders. The aforementioned link explains this in detail. Last but not least, this terrain uses the stock VietnamSEA terrain as a base, and that terrain comes with Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam. If you don't have it, but you have another SF2 title (for instance, Strike Fighters 2: Europe, which comes with a different terrain), you should replace which stock terrain .CAT archive to use for all the custom terrains you have. Have a look at my last post in the following link, and you should understand: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/92310-all-pilots-scramble-new-terrains-inbound/ I hope I have been clear. Let me know if you have any problems. Have a nice day!
  9. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/25205/declassified-us-honors-swedish-pilots-for-escorting-stricken-sr-71-to-safety-during-cold-war It would be cool to have such a mission in the TSF2 mod of @JonathanRL !
  10. AV-8B Night Attack Harrier II - SF2. ver.2018

    As an owl, I love to fly at night. And with these new wings, to hunt preys gets more exciting! Thanks for sharing, mate!
  11. Kurilen.7z

    One of the greatest terrain modders is back, and with a nice scenario! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Couldn't agree more. People keep forgetting that Russia has other motives as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metrojet_Flight_9268 I think we can say that while all involved powers want to fight terrorists, they are also following their own agendas, with all their contradictions.
  13. Yeah, I hear you! Ace Combat Ass-ault Horizon was a decent game, but a horrible Ace Combat game; it was an American spin-off set in the real world. Thank heavens we're back to Strangereal, the place where giant airborne fortresses, railguns, lasers and hundreds of missiles are believable in their existence.
  14. AWACS Bandog: "You will be near thunderclouds. Man, you guys were born unlucky."

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