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  1. Yeah let me check my pockets. Any chance you could link me to that user created campaign?
  2. Lol no chance you could update it? ;)
  3. Ok, so I thought I'd give myself a challenge and try and land a jet on a carrier. So I thought I'd try it off as easy as possible and try a vertical landing in FastCargo's beautiful F35-B. But for the life of me, I can't do it. I don't know whether it's the physics of vertical hover that doesn't allow me to neatly and slowly let it down or is it the fact I'm too goddamn crap and I have no idea what I'm doing. What I do is I approach the carrier at a moderate 200 knots with about 20% throttle and slam it into vertical hover mode just about as I'm over the top of the carrier and deploy the airbrakes while increasing the throttle to around 86%. Now rather than it slowly coming to a controllable speed and allowing me to descend calmly, it slows down and begins to stall despite the throttle being nearly maxed out and I rapidly lose altitude and ultimately end up wiping out into the ocean. Please help! Am I doing it wrong?
  4. Ok, so as we all know, alot of the jets on offer in Strike Fighters 2 are capable of Mach 1+ speeds. However the transition between normal flight and supersonic flight is a lot less exciting than I hoped and I was wondering are there any existing or in development mods that add that awesome sonic boom sound (and/or effect) when you break the sound barrier? Just thinking, that would be super cool.
  5. AH-64 Package for SF2 Ver 1.1

    Looks and flies great however for some reason it freezes my whole game if I fly it too long. I'm running SF2 NA with all expansions and previous versions and latest update so....
  6. Downloaded the Operation Darius which expanded to a whopping 10gigs. I tried to play but it kept choking up and freezing my computer even when I was just playing SF2 North Atlantic so it had to go. (Besides I needed the space) Interesting idea, will give it a try. Didn't realise you could choose a faction to fight for haha (shows how much I play campaign)
  7. Yeah, I realise. I got the July 2012 patch and that fixed the issue with the anti-shipping missions but I have still to try the Escort missions. Seems like the patch fixed most of my problems so hopefully there aren't anymore issues..
  8. Ok, so maybe it's just the plane I'm using, so I'll try and fix that. Also, which patch fixes it do you know? I might give March 2012 patch a try.
  9. Ok so for some reason whenever I load up an Escort mission I get as far as taking off and using Ctrl+N or whatever to skip to the action but all I get is a mission completed message and I complete the mission as 'outstanding success' Is this because I fly escort missions with downloaded planes (F/A-18 Hornet, F/A-22 Raptor)? Or do I actually have to fly out the whole mission and not skip it? My second issue is that with Anti-Ship missions, i can hit the ships perfectly with a Paveway LGB or an AGM Maverick or whatever but my problem is that the missile hits it but there is no explosion and the ship keeps chugging along like nothing happened. My stats indicate that I hit it but never damage it. What's up with that?
  10. Ok so here goes, I play alot of single mission and instant action and I feel as though I have honed my skills enough to begin the campaigns but I'm not sure which one I should go with. I have all SF2 packs + expansions + some extra planes downloaded from here. My issue is that I'm used to the cheap and easy laser guided AGM's and heat seeking rockets of the modern day jets and the campaigns that are offered are set at earliest 1980 something where the fighter jets are armed only with reasonably basic weapons and so forth. So what I was asking, is there a campaign that is set in the modern times (2000 onwards) where I can fly modern day jets? Or is there an option or something that will allow me to access these weapons for the preset campaigns?
  11. Couldn't find it. Whereabouts am I supposed to look? Like C\Users\Thirdwire...etc or program files x86 or what?
  12. Ok can someone tell me how to shut off that annoying jet engine startup sound in the loading screen when you load a mission? Is there a mod or a file I can remove? Is there something I can replace it with? Truth be told it's just a pain to listen to every time.
  13. Yea, got all the locations, planes from all the packs plus the two expansions plus the planes I download from here.
  14. I have all SF2 games up to NA but I have all my add on planes in NA

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