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  1. AH-64 Package for SF2 Ver 1.1

    This is my AH-64A Apache and AH-64D Longbow Apache for SF2. (should work in Gen 1 but is untested)
    DDS skin version and Photoshop templates are also included.
    Please read the readme.txt.
    Glad to finally get this one out there.
    -New cockpit glass reflection texture.
    -Changed AGM-114L to CGR and added Hellfire rails to the 3d
    model to overcome the issue of engaging moving targets.
    (Thanks to WhiteBoySamurai for this idea and thanks to
    FastCargo for letting me use the 3d model of his Hellfire rail)
    -Changed loadout types so the AH-64A cannot be loaded with the
    AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire.
    -Changed the Specular and Glossiness levels to make the skin
    look more matt.
    -New hangar and loading screens.
    -Some FM and performance tweaks. (Thanks to EricJ for some
    -Completely new M261 model made by me. I have also made the M260
    rocket pod, Hydra rocket with a M229 warhead and Hydra APKWS with
    a M151 warhead.
    For mode info and details on the APKWS look here:


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  2. AH-64A Peten Over Israel SF2

    Boeing AH-64A Peten mod Ver 1.0 for SF2
    This is a third party add on of the AH-64A Apache using models and cockpits created by Dels.
    Flight model and specific Israeli Peten mod was made by me.
    It is designed for and works in the SF2 series of games.
    This mod is made because of new upgraded Israel 2 Terrain by Wrench. - highly recommended by the way. Instead of working on Something Completely Different i was mixing with this great helo by Dels. So here it is.
    AH-64A Peten mod is made as specific aircraft for Israel. Nation Name is changed to Israel and service start date set to 1990.
    It was in my mind just simple mod (at the begining) but ended as little more complex. It is not perfect, but so far it works for now.
    I have changed FM my way. So there is a lot of changes in data file.
    It has a new engines system, new weapon stations, countermeasures and some other stuff.
    I have also put life into TADS and PNVS. Just fun in external view.
    And the most important thing is bumps, dispensers and whistles of Israeli Apache.
    I wanted to make two paint versions so fake pilot is not much help here. So Peten mod is added by weaponstation. Anyway gun is always on board. So this is how it works here.
    Some small changes into cockpit ini file.
    Also new Fuel tanks (CARC green and IAF tan) are provided plus M260 and M261 rocket launchers with different warheads. (same as in Cobra packs)
    Use vector thrust controll, rudder and controll throttle. It is easy to fly right now.
    Still working on better FM.
    The AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and rails included in this package come from FastCargo's excellent "Hellfire and BrimStonefor SFP1/WOV/WOE (Version 1.1)".
    All credit to FC for them, Dels have arranged them in folders for SF2 and made some minor .ini changes. Dels also made the AGM-114K Hellfire II using FC's AGM-114A model.
    I made Hellfires as specific station code for IAF. Also skins are without US ARMY markings. So better to use this as it wil not overwrite anything in you weapons directory. Unless you named it same as me.
    Hellfire rails are made by FastCargo. I just rename it. I had some issues with loadouts. So again here you should depend on loadout.ini file.
    It always uses two rails upper M272 with two hellfires (up) and lower M299 (with two hellfires on bottom rails only)
    I don't know why but on loadout with 4 hellfires on M299 - in game it was always 3 shown. Strange.
    So to avoid conflicts with previous hellfire rails I made them as specific station code only for Peten.
    I am always using Specific station code so I don't have mess in Loadout menu. I can only see weapons that I can/need to carry.
    M260 and M261 Rocket launchers. There are two versions of these launchers CARC green and IAF Tan. Same as in my Cobra packs. You can overwrite (recomended). The only change here is display names. To avoid conflicts in loadout menu with previous launchers I changed CARCgreen to M260/M261.warhead.name.US and IAF Tan to M260/M261.warhead.name.IDF. You can overwrite. It wil still works with cobras and here with Peten and no mess with display names.
    Launchers uses my Mk66 hydra rockets. Also here in pack. Same as in latest Cobra packs.
    Important here is M230 ChainGun. It is a key to have a Peten mod for early green and late IAF camo.
    Gun is loaded by weaponstation. Also coded.
    New sound file for M230 is provided, with specific data entry into SOUNDLIST.ini.
    Stingers are available for loadout but i did not put it into loadout.ini. I never seen IAF Apaches with Stingers. Not much hostile flyers there ?
    No other IRM/ARM weapons allowed.
    30MM_M230 same as in original Dels package but with edited sound file name.
    113 Tayeset as they started to use Peten in 1990 and later also 190 Tayeset starting 1995.
    190 Tayeset in new camouflaged tiger scheme from 2003/2004.
    All serial numbers as far as I know are historicaly correct, based on available information and photos.
    Copy files to specific folders.
    You can add the following to your squadronlist.ini
    [squadron ---]
    DisplayName=113 Tayeset "Ha'Tsira'a"
    [squadron ---]
    DisplayName=190 Tayeset "Maga Hakesem"
    Higly recomended to use Diego's helopilots.
    or you can use whatever you like by editing the
    Hope I did not mess too much here.
    Aircraft & Cockpit - Dels
    Hellfires, Racks and Stinger - Fast Cargo (with some modifications by Dels and me)
    Peten mods and sounds - Me
    Weapons (M260/M261, Hydra rockets,) - Me
    Fuel Tanks - Me
    Skins - original skins by Dels moded by strahi and then by me. ( I just repositioned yellow V and added national insignia and squadron markings. Some changes to TADS).
    Decals - Me
    FM - Me
    Pilot Skins - Diego
    Thanks to Dels for this wonderfull aircraft. And his permision to upload this.
    Hope you enjoy it.
    Jarek Hereda.
    Colors and markings of the Israeli Air Force - IsraDecal Publications
    The Shield of David - Concord Publications
    AH-64A/D "Peten/Saraf" in IAF Service - IsraDecal Publications


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  3. AH-64D Japan Ground Self Defense Force

    This model represents the lisence-built AH-64D as used by the Japan Ground Self Defense Force. Paint job and decals are representative of the 3rd Attack Helicopter Squadron.
    I have packaged and uploaded this by request from a friend who did all the skin and decal work. Original Apache model by Dels, which you will also need for the weapons. See the readme for more details.


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