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  1. Lomac X52 Profile

    You can change the formats of the X52 and above version files to the X45 format by changing the first 2 or 3 lines in the actual file itself. Open the .pr0 file with WordPad or Notepad. You will see the lines at the very top. For example: The LOmac Profile for the X52/X65, or the v2 Profiler application, has the heading that looks like this: [profile='Lock On_v2' version=0x00000004 [controllers [controller=25a4f72c-5a88-4168-809a-55bf002dc6b1 group='Flight Control System' [member=cbe74543-4508-462f-85b3-6e55f23781ca name=X65F shortname=X65F] The X45 will not understand this profile, even though the Profiler will load it. All the buttons and programming will be blank. Just change the lines to look like this: [profile='Lock On' version=0x00000004 [controllers [controller=ca4ae256-badb-427e-a4bd-7691d48a0c9b group='Flight Control System' [member=949a1ec1-f75b-11d4-9775-00a0cc61aecb name=X45 shortname=X45] The profiler program looks for the Product ID and Machine ID that is specific to its making..... that is why they will not work for the controller you have. Just change the controller/group identifier and the member/name idntifier in the actual profile and it will work just fine....

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