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  1. I need help!

    Thanx, it worked, the game even runs smoother now i think.
  2. I need help!

    Hey guys, i have just one more question, is there a way to turn off those red and blue letters appearing above friends and enemy? Thanx
  3. I need help!

    Hey, today i installed everything from scratch, even the system and addons seem to be working now, thanx for your help guys.
  4. I need help!

    Well, i deleted all the addon, then installed them one by one, first i installed the two migs, they worked ok, after that i installed vipers and that's where the trouble starts, the game this time loads, it don't crash, but when the game starts there is no aircraft visible, only rockets are visible, virtual cockpit loads properly and the aircraft just hangs in the air, it's not moving, the throttle on my joystick is at max, but in the bottom left it says 0%, the game runs fine, enemy planes are attacking me, but i can't move, i can't do anything. The same thing happens with F-18...
  5. I need help!

    @ FastCargo: I tried turning down the graphics, still no go. @ Soulfreak: I will try every terrain, then will get back to you.
  6. I need help!

    I know it's an old PC, the game itself runs great, i have no issues, just NONE of the add-on is working, game loads up to 70% and then it crashes...
  7. I need help!

    My specs: Windows 7 Ultimate 2.00 GB RAM Memory Intel pentium dual CPU E2200 @ 2.20 GHz 2.20 GHz Processor Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT Card Planes are: MIG_29G Hornet 2 Seat Beta Base 1.1 KoreanVipers MIG_29C Blk4042Viperpack Blk5052Viperpack In the manual it says "Drop into your C:\Users\xxxxxx\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters XXXXX" so i did it like that. Thanks.
  8. Hi, i have a problem with Strike Fighters 2 add-ons, i have downloaded couple of add-on planes from this site, and installed them properly, but when i start the game, it starts all right, everything works OK, add-ons show up in the menu, so i pick the aircraft and when i click on FLY it starts loading and then it freezes at 70% and after some time it crashes, this happens with add-ons ONLY, default planes work normally. What is causing this? If anyone can help, please, it would be very much appreciated, thanx in advance.

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