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  1. Hi all, I found the problem it seems. It appears it was my fault as i was trying to run SF2 NA with Stary's 1024 Iceland tile set without realising i needed Gerwin's Iceland as a base. After removing the terrains folder it fixed the issue. Thanks again for the help. P.S. Is there a High Res tile set for Iceland available like there is for other theaters? I can only find the Gerwin 1024 tiles and they crash my game.
  2. Hi Gatling20, thanks for the help so far. I found the options.ini file in my save folder however cannot find the InstantAction.INI you mention. The only file with that title for me is a DLL in the flight folder. It's also worth mentioning that if i remove the mod terrains instant action loads without issue.
  3. Hi folks, I've just reinstalled the entire SF2 series and keep getting a crash when i try to run Instant Action, this happens no matter what shortcut i use to start the game. The install is merged and updated to the July 2013 patch. I'm wondering if i've installed some modded terrain wrongly. Currently all the terrain mods i have installed are in the same folder under C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 NorthAtlantic\Terrains I also have Sarcasm 1.5 and Unified Effects 1.2 installed in the Flight and Effects folders. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Decided i take the plunge and buy the pack with both options to see what works best for me. Only worry i have now is how easily broken the TrackClip Pro seems to be.
  5. Hi Folks I'll be ordering myself a TIR 5 in the next few days and was wondering what people find most accurate as there are 2 packages available. Is the TrackClip Pro worth the extra money to start with? Is 1 version more accurate than the other? Will the TrackClip Pro fit any headset as mine only covers my left ear. Any advice is much appreciated, as the closest thing i have used in comparison to TrackIR is FacetrackNoIR.
  6. Oh Lord! Such beautiful aircraft destroyed, feel sorry for the Tri Plane owner...
  7. Thanks for the mod reccomendations, I was also wondering if there was a tutorial campaign available for Strike Fighters 2. I've been trying to learn the controls and tactics but am struggling a bit as i'm more used to games like IL2 Clod, Wings of Prey and Rise of Flight.
  8. Hi folks I recently started playing Strike Fighters 2 after a friend pointed me in it's direction. I enjoyed it so much i purchased the entire SF2 series over the holidays, however I'm finding the terrain and clouds very unappealing to the eye. So far i've downloaded Stary's SARCASM 1.4, which has made a vast improvement to the clouds and sky, but what else would you reccomend downloading? The Reloaded Community mod looks good but is that all I would need to download to improve the terrain? Any advice is much appreciated.

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