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  1. FE where will it go?

    On the other hand the fact of the matter is that the public is only getting "1/2 a game" as a result of this approach. FE seems to need a long way to go in terms of flight, AI, and the rest. Planes still seem to look as if they have been puched from behind by a ground lauched SA-2. I would gladly pay a full $49.99 for a more finished product. The older I get, the less time I have to dink around with this stuff, waiting for mods...and fixing the bugs. I want to enjoy the global warming weather while I still have time left on the good earth.
  2. DFW (halb)

    DFW (Halb). Halberstadt had orders for 75 machines in 1917 (serial range C 2500-2524/17 and C 3378-3427/17) and were finished in their own scheme unique to Halbestadt factories. It would be nice if whoever created this 3d model would consider doing away with the "ears" radiators. These fuselage mounted radiators where prohibited in further production orders by the begining of 1917 for all German aircraft as they tended to drain all fluid from the engine if hit as opposed to "wing" mounted (above the engine) radiators. These "eared" machines would have been gone from the front, used up, by mid 1917 and replaced by later production reaching the field.
  3. Bit of work on an Eindecker

    They must be that flight of towed gliders from Kampfeinsitzer-Schule in Mannheim.......... (very nice )
  4. FE where will it go?

    I echo your sentiments. My point in offering discussion on this topic is that really no one since RB3D has taken the risk of developing a new sim based on WW1 flight. Granted their have various "mods" of old RB as well as a mod of CFS. I guess at some level this FE could be considered a variant mod off the existing game engine of SF/WOV etc.. Nevertheless, I think today's gamers tend to like "jet fuel" instead of "canvas and wires." Consequently, it seems apparent that developers don't see a market for WW1 sims. Its unfortunate, but I think true. Hence as you put "took a risk on this sim." I would hope that those who have taken intrest in this sim can put this together in a more comprehensive, fined tuned package in the near future. The second risk now is that this could develop or fade into oblivion unless it captures a larger audience. I have the feeling that at least a few dedicated people here are taking up the challenge, and as a "user" I am grateful for the efforts.
  5. It seems to me that this sim series, in terms only of interest generated for WW1, is generating a relatively small band of followers and little to no interest in mods/planes/terrain etc.. for FE(as opposed to those sim fans who prefer planes that run JP4.aka jet fuel). :tomato2: Discuss :
  6. DVII Jasta 6

    Depends on what the guru's develop for this sim (but maybe more dependant on my available "free time" in between law school and full time work in a firm...). Nevertheless, It seems this sim has great potential. I am glad to see the SE and Spad has appropriate unit markings. I think the German aircraft will need some skin development due to their unique various technical appearances. I would like to see a LVG CV, Halb CL, and Hann CL III...
  7. DVII Jasta 6

    I used one of my PSD files for Wenzel's profile I did for an issue of OTF a couple of years ago. Here is a late D7 using one of my D7 psd files.
  8. Sorry for my lack of clarification, I was thinking AI control issue.
  9. I think the ghosts of RB3d have returned in this sim. At least its open for editing....as I echo from the past....anyone wanna take a shot at fixing the Spad FM from crashing into the ground...............
  10. Gerald R Ford Passes Away

    Betty was outspoken while he was in office stating often the position of pro choice and pro women's rights. You won't see that again in the Republican Party, but after all, Gerald always said he was a "Ford" and not a "Lincoln."

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