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  1. I would like to omit night missions from periodically popping up in campaigns in SF2 Vietnam. Anybody know if I can omit the night missions using entries in ini files? Thanks in advance. Night landing is terrible on carriers due to the lack of landing lights, and I dont want to ruin the feel of the game by installing a modern carrier mod albeit with landing lights.
  2. Hi all, the problem has been addressed. Just enter this into your cockpit.ini file for the respective aircraft should you want rid of any canopy tinting. Thanks Wrench for cluing me in regarding what the different canopy aspects were called. Instrument[046]=Reflection1 Instrument[047]=Reflection2 Instrument[048]=Reflection3 //Check numbering sequence // and add this to the end [Reflection1] Type=REFLECTION NodeName=canopy_glass_front [Reflection2] Type=REFLECTION NodeName=canopy_glass_rear [Reflection3] Type=REFLECTION NodeName=canopy_glass_sides //Gives nice clear windows
  3. Addendum...I know I'm just dropping his CCIP mod into my existing A6 folder with its respective cockpit components but why would it change the tint of the glass? And if it does, then there should be a way to reverse engineer it. I've messaged Migbuster so wait and see.
  4. Some more developments. I think Migbuster holds the key here. When I installed his DIANEesque CCIP bombing mod it altered the cockpit of my A6. upon reading the cockpit data file that came along with the mod it had the right yaw value set at 62 when the pan left value was 152. In game this prohibited me from panning right (logically enough). I altered the yaw value to 152 for both directions and it allowed me to pan full right. The trouble then was my B/N became visible upon full pan right and he was outside the aircraft. I solved this with the help of wrench and Fubars Opencockpit parameter. The tinted cockpit glass then disappeared from the pan left side, ostensibly because the canopy panel was only big enough to cover a pan radius so big...hence why the author had one of the yaw values set to prohibit a full right pan. I need to ask Migbuster, how he named the panels and what I need to do to get them removed. The move canopy_glass_front worked but still left the side panels. Wrench picked apart the info from the original WOV Lod but those entries unfortunately didn't help, as Migbuster probably named them something else.
  5. My pit came with the air ground war expansion (4 parts) which made the a6 flyable. I updated with the jan2012 update for sf2 vietnam. I then added migbusters ccip mod, which i now cant do without although it made the glass cockpit dark. I have the "A6Cockpit.LOD"
  6. I don't think it's either. I downloaded it from CA. The RAR is called 21894COCKPIT. I can't find it now on the site though!
  7. When adding the above corrections, the left hand side glass panel when i pan all the way to the left is now gone, but the rest is still there. This is only conjecture but could the author of my A6 cockpit have composed the front panel of more than one piece? It is after all an A6 with the multiple canopy components. Any more ideas guys its the last thing in my way?
  8. Thanks for the swift response! I was sure that was going to work, but the other glass panels are still there...any ideas? Here are the entries: [Move1] Type=AIRSPEED_INDICATOR NodeName=canopy_glass_front MovementType=POSITION_Y Set[01].Position=-100 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=-100 Set[02].Value=1.0 [Move1] Type=AIRSPEED_INDICATOR NodeName=canopy_glass_sides MovementType=POSITION_Y Set[01].Position=-100 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=-100 Set[02].Value=1.0 [Move1] Type=AIRSPEED_INDICATOR NodeName=canopy_glass_rear MovementType=POSITION_Y Set[01].Position=-100 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=-100 Set[02].Value=1.0
  9. Fubar, could you please spoonfeed me some more info please, where to find it etc. I am much obliged.
  10. As part of my ongoing struggle to get my sim tweaked the way i want it i present the following dilemna. Due to the opacity of the cockpit glass in my A6 cockpit I am removing the glass altogether.Using the following entries I was successful in removing the front glass, but the side glass panels remain. I am using the TH2GO so the side panels are super visible. I am using SF2 Vietnam. [Move1] Type=AIRSPEED_INDICATOR NodeName=canopy_glass_front <------------------THIS WORKS MovementType=POSITION_Y Set[01].Position=-100 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=-100 Set[02].Value=1.0 [Move1] Type=AIRSPEED_INDICATOR NodeName=canopy_glass_left <--------------THIS DOES NOT WORK, WHAT WOULD THE SIDE LEFT PANEL BE CALLED? MovementType=POSITION_Y Set[01].Position=-100 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=-100 Set[02].Value=1.0 [Move1] Type=AIRSPEED_INDICATOR NodeName=canopy_glass_right <--------------THIS DOES NOT WORK, WHAT WOULD THE RIGHT PANEL BE CALLED? MovementType=POSITION_Y Set[01].Position=-100 Set[01].Value=0.0 Set[02].Position=-100 Set[02].Value=1.0 Here is the image, note the front glass is now gone, but the sides remain. Although not super dark, for me it does detract from the vibrancy of the outside world. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all, having recently installed the fantastic ccip mod for strike fighters 2 vietnam courtesy of Migbuster, i am having a problem with the placement of my A6a Intruder bombardier/navigator. He is now sitting outside the cockpit. Please see attached image. Being a noob, I am guessing it has something to do with these values in my A6A data file. I also have the B/N mod from the A6 superpack. (I dont have a Razbam cockpit) Enable for Robo-BN SeatID=1 [CoPilot] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PilotModelName=NAVYNM2 Position=0.35,1.11,0.82 //OriPosition=0.35,1.14,0.85 SeatModelName=seat_MK5 SeatPosition=0.35,0.96,.87 //F4SeatPosition=0.35,1.11,0.45 //OriSeatPosition=0.35,1.15,0.48 MinExtentPosition= 0.00, 0.49,-0.35 MaxExtentPosition= 0.85, 1.81, 0.91 CanopyNodeName=Canopy CanopyAnimationID=3 I have tinkered with these entries before restoring them to their original state...but to no avail. This is the only thing marring my enjoyment of the sf2 experience so any help here would be great. Thanks in advance.
  12. K great thanks lads. I was in the Huey gunship and could not see the fuel gauge moving at all, then I ran out of fuel after repeated attack runs on vc infantry. Maybe the fuel gauges don't work on some of the cockpit models? I will try the zoom advice and study more closely tomorrow.
  13. I am on normal settings. It would be nice to know exactly what fuel I have maybe track ir would help I could zoom into the dials real close?

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