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  1. That is a great shot CoolHand29, i really loved it. allenjb42, thank you for the direction, really appreciated.
  2. Thank you ndicki, that will do. can't wait for the new Sim that involve the IAF.
  3. Hello everybody, can someone please pin point me to where can i download the A-4H Isaraeli Air Force? Many thanks in advance..
  4. Joystick control?

    hello everybody! is there any option to activate the joystick for playing this game? i've tried to enter to settings > controls and didn't found anything related to my joystick. any ideas?? THX in advance.
  5. Where To Play Online?

    Hello everybody. i have a question, is there a software like HyperLobby that contains multiple servers to play CoDII online? thx in advance.
  6. hello everybody i have this game with all the patches and ALOT of addons. i'm aware of the fact that i have have to play this game without addons - only all of the patches installed. my problem is that i don't want to lose all my information and add parallel to my current version a "clean" one. my question is how do i join the net via hyperlobby - in other wards how do i switch from version to version? thanks in advance.
  7. Hello Fubar512 i changed the file name as advised and still no joy so i simply downloaded 7-Zip and that fixed everything thanks for the help
  8. hi Saganuay82 when i want to open the rar file it gives me a message that the file is either unknown format or damaged i downlod it in the far past but now i can't any ideas?
  9. Hello everybody i need help i lost my f-15a and can't download it from column5 or checksix does anyone got that f-15a file i'll be very greatfull
  10. some pictures from fighterops of a b-1 bomber in progress: http://www.fighterops.com/screenshots/Publ...els_Public.html go to august models!!
  11. This rare movie shows the attack of 2 planes on the reactor,notice the 8.6 g on the hud!!! http://www.iafe.net/kur_attack.mpg
  12. this time it's an su-35 enjoy: http://bemil.chosun.com/movie%20link/SU-35.wmv
  13. Hello everyone i'm looking for partners online to play with sfp1,any volunteers?
  14. http://tvworldwide.com/events/airshows/051...359&type=wmhigh http://tvworldwide.com/events/airshows/051...357&type=wmhigh http://tvworldwide.com/events/airshows/051...351&type=wmhigh http://tvworldwide.com/events/airshows/051...363&type=wmhigh please feedbacks!!

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