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  1. Flying for Deutschland?

    Javito, what happened to Moya?
  2. inflight "k" shots show up in my documents... OBDWWI Over Flanders Fields for a log book screenie, hit "print Screen" key on key board, go to "paint" ... Click "Paste" and it will show up. It had been a long time since I clicked "Paste".... Hadn't used it to capture an image in quite some time. Only for converting format very seldomly.
  3. Olham, The screen capture method works. I hadn't used "Paint" for that procedure in some time and was not doing what was needed to be done, although i thought I was. I'm very sorry for posting a terse comment. I broke my own rule about internet forums and alcohol consumption. Lou, those medals are like rare gems!
  4. I apologize, Olham I was into the homemade drink and food. I misunderstood what was typed and I sometimes feel foolish for not being tech savy and I still can't capture a screenie of my pilot log My apologizes
  5. My favorite tactic, when outnumbered and much distance to the ground. Self induced flatspin... ...then I revrse clock spin and attack head on.
  6. Hitting "k" works for inflight.... I LOVE the Strutter at this time of the War. Know how to push the Envelope, and take her Home. Olham, Is that a GFY or Honest "Well Done" Strutters RULE the SKIES at this time.
  7. Thanks for answering, Olham My Pilot, Andrew Anderson, can't fly until the 17th. I'll have time to fly other non-DiD pilots. I'll study up on the ground targeting key assignment procedure. I have difficulties remapping to my CH Products. Another question; . Why am I able to take screenshots when I'm in the sim flying, but not of my Pilot's log book? Do I need a third party program like Fraps?
  8. Thanks for the quick answer, Jim. I responded to the question you pm'd me on another forum. I've no clue who the french pilot is or why that info was sent. Is it ok to find out how long this streak of bad weather lasts as long as I don't fly on the future date that the weather clears up on?
  9. Olham, I've another question. I'm based in a medium activity zone. If I'm sent to patrol a hotspot, do I estimate the time spent in the hotspot and record that as hotspot time? Or is all time for me medium time due to the fact I'm based in a medium activity sector?
  10. On my second sortie of the day and DiD, we were sent out to spot artillary. It was so cloudy and windy I didn't want to fly, but orders are orders, so off i went. 5 of us in B-Flight and 4 in A-Flight. Visibility was so poor I could barely stay in formation. Then all of a sudden bullets tear into the mate infront of me. It's an EIII ambush. How they knew we were here, I've no clue, but it was time to fight or die again. Another crazy furball ensued, the poor visibility made it very hard. Good thing those EIIIs only have 1 wing, as plane ID was almost impossible. We cleaned house with only one loss on our side and headed off to the front. Hope some one was able to take a pic, nothing but clouds visible below my strutter. After rtbing I discovered I was credited with 6 Fokkers and one of my mates with 2 Fokkers. Fabio, who disappeared in the ambush was unharmed, but his strutter was a totaled. Thank God, today all flights were cancelled due to bad weather as I'm still a nervous wreck from my first day in RNAS-4. Olham, how do I "select a target" in the procedure you mentioned above?
  11. Flew my first DiD sortie today and I'd best fly more cautiously or I will certainly die soon. I was tasked with an enemy airfield bombing mission and designated as flight leader (B-Flight) and given 2 wingmen, 4 A-Flight planes to help, and we met up with 3 Nieup 11s from another RNAS squad. Not far from the front all heck broke loose as I spotted EIIIs above us at our 10 Oclock. A-Flight and our escorting Nieups were barely visible behind us, so I dropped my bombs and headed straight into the diving EIIIs. Not sure how many EIIs in this group, but it was at least 5. I put 2 trigger pulls into a Fokker and quickly swung around on his tail to finish him off while my observer/tail gunner banged away at another. Soon it was a big furball and every time I turned hard to change direction an EIII seemed to be in my sights. Counted 3 downed Fokkers from me and no clue what A-Flight and the Nieups racked up. So we regroup after that furball and I'm not sure if my B-Flight mates dropped their bombs or not. Decided to cross the front and hit the airfield anyway. Just after crossing the front more EIIIs attack from 2 Oclock high, one of them scored a few hits on my plane fabric, no time to check where. I dove into a hard left turn and then an upward loop almost colliding with a green painted EIII. Swept in on his 6 and peppered his tail/elevator which caused him tospin out. It's another furball and I headed for the fringe, spotted an EIII on a Strutter and raced to help. ..Bagged another EIII the same way. That was enough excitement, we headed home. Checking flight "Details" I saw none of the other strutters armed with bombs dropped their payload! Guess they can fly better with the extra weight than me. Details showed I had 5 kills, 2 Historical Aces, Max Ritter von Mulzer and Max Immelmann Should I be posting this report elsewhere? If so I will do so in the future.
  12. Steam Driven Aircraft

    Good Find! I love oddballs like this.
  13. Very Nice! Lou, do you have a place on the web where all of your collection is displayed?
  14. Works fine now, needed to to update directx 9c

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