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  1. Is there anyway to get anti shipping in online coop missions. It really cheeses me off that I can't bolw ships up with my friends.
  2. I downloaded the new weapons pack then went to try it out. It was all going good until I tryed to add some AGM's to my Phantom. Nothing! Only the the Shrike and Std-ARM were available. Any advice?
  3. No Agm's

    Guidance Type carryed on pylons and dates are correct. The HOBOS (in the weped) is pretty much exactly like the all the AGM's, I even made them the exact same, minus name and 3D model. They still didn't show up.
  4. Anyone know how to de-shiny them. I won't to use the hex editor approach to add new tanks to some repaints I downlaoded, but theyalways comeout really shiny.
  5. Anyone got a complete list of the weapon guidance abbrevations, like BOMB and SAHM, for the data files.
  6. Ah, that's it. Thanks a bundle.
  7. I'm having a couple of issues. Firstly, shadows won't show and yes I have them turned on. Secondly, the left main gear on all the a/c won't turn. Any suggestions?
  8. OK I got the shadows, water, and the wheel fixed (gfx card settings), but is there anyway to turn of the self shodowing on the a/c?
  9. I suppose the only things relevent are (correct me if I'm wrong)... P4 1.5 Ghz processor 630mb SDRAM ATI Radeon 9200 DX 9.0b Catylast 3.7 drivers ... and the in game graphics are set on max with a screen res of 1024x768.
  10. Got another. I've seen pictures of water from other people, and iit looks all light blu and nice. Let's just say mine is rather dark and poopy... any fixes?
  11. This is on all a/c. It was happing even before patch two, the shadow and wheel prob is partly why I uninstalled the game a month or two ago; but reinstalled after SP2.
  12. I mean the wheel itself won't turn.
  13. Have all the guidance types been implemented with the new patch?
  14. It would appear that a wheel, just one, on all my addon a/c will not turn. Is some sort of bug, or is my game messed?
  15. Great plane, but I've noticed that the attachment postions on the the right wing hardpoints are alittle off. Just wondering if this is going to be fixed.
  16. I remember hearing about his missles, but never could find them. Anyone know where I can get them.
  17. I just wondering how to install these. Do I put them in the Object folder or what?
  18. I was thinking today and came up with a great idea. What this sim really needs is an A-37 Dragonfly! Now all we need is a talented modeller to get cracking.
  19. I can't seem to get addon weapons to appear in the drop down menus...is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
  20. My onscrren/ingame font is really really light, I can barely read it. Is there anyway to brighten it up?
  21. Anyone want to tell me how to properly install this beasty?
  22. Nevermind, got it working!
  23. Turn the TCL off and your RWR should work perfectly...well at least it worked for me.
  24. I'm trying to mod a Sparrow into an AMRAAM, but I can't seem to get it. I've tried almost everything, but I just ended up either having to use the missile like a Sparrow (and completely disregard "Fire and forget") or the missile just won't home in on the target. Maybe someone here can help.

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