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  1. I always yse RANBOOSTER before I go into any game. I only have 256 of DDR RAM so I'm a little shy in the memry department. It seems to help alot.
  2. When I padlok a target, there are no real references as to where your head is pointed. Alot of times I just fly around hoping that my cockpit will come into view so that I have SOME sort of orientataion up, down or sideways. Anyone else have this problem? In the old Falcon 3.0, there was at least an arrow that pointed to the HUD. That way you knew which direction your head is facing. I can't steer the plan if I dont know what direction I am looking. E.H.
  3. Buzzing along at 350 kts makes it very difficult to find ground targets. Any tricks that will make it easier?? E.H.
  4. It's quite obvious to me the the ground work has been done for this to eventually become a killer sim. I keep telling myself that this is project 1. I sure hope they don't abandone it. This could very easily become the #1 sim out there. Not to mention that it is not too graphically taxing. Most people will be able to run it with no problem. Here's to hoping we get a project 2, 3 and 4.
  5. I have a couple of killer screenshots. Where can I post them? E.H.
  6. Excellent idea. Can't wait to see it. E.H.
  7. Anyone been able to get assistance from ATC??? i request help and all I get is "Sorry, all aircraft are busy" so to speak. Your wingmen are useless. E.H.
  8. Just so that I know I'm not screwing up somewhere.... which button do I hit first, HOME or INSERT? :roll:
  9. Hi gang, I seem to recall on a certain type of radar, you could manually move the 2 " || " brackets with a hat switch in order to place them on the exact target that you wished to lock up. Are you able to do this with the radar in SFP1 :?: I am having a helluva time trying to lock up a target. I did see it bounce across the radar screen once or twice but otherwise, it just sits there. I have been able to lock onto one or two targets in boresight mode but even that is hit and miss. I can have 3 or 4 targets right in front of me, all showing on the radar, and can't get a lock. Very frustrated. :x E.H.
  10. I didn't try hyperlobby. I thought we had to wait for the patch in order for HL to work. Am I wrong?
  11. I want it NOW.... NOW.... NOW... NOW... NOW. hehe Just kidding. E.H.
  12. Anyone else locking up or dropping back to GS when they try to fly MP? I installed the latest version of GS so I know that isn't my problem. E.H.
  13. I thought I read something about improved Multiplayer abilities in Hyperlobby. E.H.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but if this sim is able to be MOD'd and expanded as you folks say, then am I to assume that this is just the beginning of this game? ie: Project 2,3 and 4 etc? If so... then I am glad I got in on the ground floor. Why can't someone BUILD Viet Nam and then BUILD scenarios. E. H.
  15. I just got the game and spent about 2 hours configuring it. The first question I have is... "How do you succesfully lock onto a target with the AIM-7. And the ground mode too. I'm having a heck of a time accomplishing this task. And number two. When I landed, My toe brakes on my CH Pro pedals USB didn't work. Is this normal. I hope I don't have to hit the "B" key to stop the plane. E.H. PS: Nice sim

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