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  1. Sorry for DP lads, but I thought it's worth mentioning - DCS/FC3 stuff is on spring sale!!! :-) 60% off for FC3! Can't afford 50 bucks for FC3 ATM ...so this sale to 19.99$ is perfect... someone from ED reading this thread? :D
  2. rearm_weapons=alt+w in game options .ini file - yes I know it and I use it (after landing of course). But I'm asking how to refuel the aircraft during mission and reload chaffs/flares - if that's possible of course :-)
  3. Hello lads, I thought recently is that possible to refuel the plane during mission and reload countermeasurements? Rearm_weapons only well... rearms weapons and even if I've got fuel tanks it doesn't refuel them. Is there any similar 'cheat' to do those 2 things during gameplay (or maybe there's way to do this without 'cheating')? I was searching the forum and google but I couldn't find anything :-( Have a nice day! :-)
  4. well, i've got q6600 @3.0ghz, hd5850 and 4gb ram. It actually does really well with FC2 and TBH SF2 isn't very advanced in terms of gfx... so maybe the game is poorly optimized? I'll try to set the gfx options even lower, maybe it will help? Thx for your help and explanation! :-)
  5. Hi lads, I have a question - I'm flying missions in Linebacker II campaign in A-7D... and my performance gets a lot of hits up to 15 FPS and game loop x4. When game loop goes to x3, then my FPS goes up to 30... What is this "game loop" and how can I keep it low so my FPSes will be high? I had every gfx options on max, I reduced some of them but I cannot see any big difference... Any ideas guys?
  6. I have to say that this model is brilliant... it reminds me best mods for FC2, and the gfx engine is by far more advanced in lock on than in sf2... Great job!
  7. Cool stuff! Thank you :-) Very nice mod! :-)
  8. That's a good news! I'd love to get F-16, F-18, A-10C, or European jets with similar level of complication to FC2. Additionally some dynamic campaigns for single player with more things happening on the battlefiled would be great. 'Cause most of the time in FC2 I'm flying on "Fly now!" because campaigns are pretty boring...
  9. Mod manager?

    Oh, ok! Thanks I'll surely will give it a go later on! :-)
  10. Mod manager?

    So... maybe I'll give it a try later on. I remember that being a very nice mod manager. Do I have to download any specific version that would work with SF2?
  11. Yeah I saw, the sale during christmas - sadly I already bought another game by that time, so I had no cash for FC3. So I'll have to hunt for some sale :-) AFM would be great addition. Thing that saddens me the most is that ED looks like a dev team that is now only interested in full-scale sims. I'd love more planes with similar level of complexity to FC series. But I guess that's just me... :-(
  12. Is there sense in getting FC3? I've got FC2... and thinking about new version as FC series have perfect difficulty for me - I don't have time to learn (and play more importantly) full hardcore DCS sims like A-10C or those new ones. Anyone can compare FC2 vs. FC3? Especially as changes aren't dramatic from what I saw in changelog, and the price is (as always) high.
  13. Mod manager?

    Well... to bo honest I actually didn't think about it... sometimes obvious things are hard to spot :D but on the other hand mod manager gives you better control over content you've got installes (I mean situation in which you've got a lot of mods i.e. cars or aircrafts in this case and you end up with mess in folders because of many files) :-) Oh, so I was close with the name :D I used it for NFS shift mods as far as I remember... does it work without problems also with SF2?
  14. F-16C Block 25/30 by The Viper Team

    Thank you!!!
  15. Hi lads, I'd like to ask is there any proper mods manager for SF2? For Flaming Cliffs 2 I use ModMan which is pretty great, also from simracing I know there's jsgsm... (I always have a problem with it's name so I probably wrote it wrong :D). Is there anything similar to those mod managers? Cheers!

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