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  1. Mission4Today hacked

    Last night I discovered that Mission4Today has been hacked by some losers who are part of a hacker group called "Sanjungan-Jiwa", they've replaced the entire site with a single page, it's been like this for over 12 hours now, and I don't know how long it will be before the admins of M4T reverse the damage done by these hacker tw@ts, just thought I'd bring it to everyone's attention.
  2. Mission4Today hacked

    About half an hour ago M4T wrote on their Facebook page to say that have heard from the website hosts that it will take a few days to get M4T back up, fortunately M4T had back-ups!
  3. Mission4Today hacked

    folks who need to get lives
  4. it seems on all Japanese planes, like the Ki-27 and the D3A the gunsight/bombsight is covered, how do i open the sight to be able to use it?
  5. What is this for? PC or Console?
  6. I'm trying to extract the IJN seaplane carrier from M4T, but don't know which folder to extract it to, please could someone tell me where to extract it to?
  7. 1) how do i extract a zip file from 7-zip? im trying to extract the files of the downloaded finnish Buffalo, there are 6 objects, and there are 6 errors, 7-zip says each file can't be extracted to the B-239 folder in paint schemes where im sure the objects have to go to get the mod to work, what do i do? 2) and what programme do you guys use to make your skins?
  8. On the X-fire site ive noticed a guy has taken in-game photos and videos using X-fire, and id like to do that. but i notice X-fire wont take pictures and videos for me, why could this be and how do i solve it, id like to do let's plays of Forgotten Battles and take pics of planes etc
  9. the screenshot button is CTRL-S, and the video button is F12, and ive made sure that neither of them do in-game things, it also wont show x-fire ingame, which shows me it isnt working, which is CTRL-X, and that dont do owt in the game either, i made sure of it
  10. aye it does say that, i cant see why it wont take screenshots and videos in-game
  11. RAFs new drone display team

    ha ha this is funny! :D somehow i dont reckon it'll catch on :D
  12. I keep trying to run setup from the Il-2 folder which is in the DVD RW drive, it tells me if i want to let setup make changes on me computer, i click yes and then setupUbi.exe takes up a huge amount of the usage of the CPU, but no installation wizard or owt appears, it just runs in the background takes up loads of the CPU and dont do owt, how do i get the installation wizard to appear? im on a Windows 7 laptop, i had a similar problem with Forgotten Battles but i eventually managed to get it to work
  13. the game is working, but its not installed, i think im playing it off to disk i dont know how to install it, i cant see "a.exe" or owt which looks like it
  14. Is there something wrong with 7-zip? Every single file of downloads i try to extract gets an error saying "can not open output file"
  15. Im sure that since you can fly the TB-3 and the He-111 you must be able to use their bombsights, what button is it to go into bombsight view??
  16. I was watching videos of a guy flying a J8A Gladiator in the Finnish campaign, how do I get it? also can i get a Fiat G.50 for the Finnish campaign and a Fiat CR.42 for the Hungarian one?

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