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  1. Week 1 of flying stock SF2 planes. Me: F-14A with gun. Opposition: F-16A with gun. Started out at 15,000ft with a wide merge to prevent getting gunned and went into an energy sapping 5g left turn. I kept full military power and knew I couldn't hold him so I pulled up into an Immelman, caught a glimpse of him low 7 o'clock and then split-s'd back down. He musn't have been expecting this and I got a snap shot off; but missed. We pushed back into another left turn and he straight away began to gain an advantage, even though I initially had more energy. I knew I was in deep poo and ignoring the rule "energy is king", I reversed and tried a diving scissors, as I used a combination of speed brakes and flaps in an attempt to force him to overshoot. With his superior turn radius the F-16 did manage to make a gun pass and while he tried to get in a kill slot he mainly just tried to outurn me and run down my energy. As you'll see in the first screenshot we were both at around 3,900ft and less than 190 knots after the third reversal; however my gamble had worked and he had to dive to regain some speed. I pulled the nose of the Tomcat over and headed down after him. I pushed to full AB and once I felt I had a shot I took it, raking him. I pulled up and left to give myself an altitude advantage if I needed a follow up; but my shell strikes from nose to right wingtip must have killed the pilot, because the plane kept flying with no smoke or flames, until it crashed on the desert floor a few miles away. This fight taught me a lot about how energy bleeds from the 'A' model cat and I learned a good lesson about taking on more nimble fighters. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a later model to compare thrust/weight ratios. edit: How do you guys get your images so big?
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  3. Any idea how much longer? or alternative sites for mods and skins? I'm new and haven't been able to get any third party content since buying the game last week

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