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  1. Marine Recruitment Question

    not sure, butif the recruiter isnt saying nothing id see where it goes. For me when I signed up for the NYPD depending on the offense, whether it was a felony, a misdemeanor is dependent on the "category" and your age at which you were convicted on the charges stated or dropped. e.g. drug charges "possession & or use", "weapons possesion", domestic violence violations or infractions these are the big ones that can really put u in a tight spot. I have no charges on my record so I was clean as a whistle when I joined NYPD, however a couple guys there had charges(not sure of the violations probably caught with weed or something hehe) which had to be further investigated and given a disposition. Either way, Military and NYPD requirements I can only assume are quite different, so i cant say with certainty that youll get in or be removed, just see how it goes. IF you do get in, I wish you all the luck, and of course do the best of your best, when your CO ask for 100% give them 120%. good luck! semper fi!
  2. Wings Of Gold?

    if u can can someone get me pictures of the A-6 cockpit that has the close ups of the panels so i can see what they say for each button and panel. that way i can put it on the textures and apply tot he cockpit. let me know . email me at jbrady14@nyc.rr.com if u can submit it to me.
  3. Lomac Performance Tweak

    here is another tweak i think works Precaching { around_camera = 50000; around_objects = 40000; around_types = {"world", "point"}; preload_types = {"map"}; } (set to higher if you want, i found if you have 1GB of ram u can put to around_camera = 70000; around_objects = 60000; but any more than that it really negiable difference) ========== ShadowLevel = 0; LightsLevel = 2; MirrorsLevel = 0; TextureLevel = 2; WaterQuality = 0; FogQuality = 0; ======= OldLandNoise { perSquare = 3; perSquare2 = 100; front = 1000; back = 8000; top = 2500; bottom = 2000; map_high = 20000; noisemax = 0.4; noisemin = 0.075; } NoiseStrip { min = 1895; max = 2305; }
  4. well guess what all, i think i a good performance tweak for Lomac, now mind u its merely temporary and in no means promises phenomonal tricks abound but it does increases the games frame rates to some degree. so here goes. assuming your file path your game is c:drive C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Config look for a file graphics.cfg and graphicsd.cfg. what u want to do is open graphicsd.cfg under notepad and change the values to these paramaters inside the file. when you save your file, itll ask you save as a different name, save as graphicsd2.cfg and then delete the old graphicsd.cfg, then rename graphicsd2.cfg to graphicsd.cfg. near surfacematerials line go to precaching oh by the way if you have 1GB or more, you can put it higher, but my friend found at this level around_camera = 70000; around_objects = 60000; after that the performance increase is negliable. look for and change values to this: Precaching { around_camera = 45000; around_objects = 35000; around_types = {"world", "point"}; preload_types = {"map"}; then go down to below camera { current medium lines look for and change change respectively to ShadowLevel = 1; LightsLevel = 2; MirrorsLevel = 1; TextureLevel = 2; WaterQuality = 1; FogQuality = 1; you should get a respectable increase in framerates i went from 12-14 on average to around 15-25 on average with max of 25-34fps on a 1ghzP3 with a ati radeon 8500 128DDR a good mission to test this is out is quick flight f15c mission and quick flight A-10 mission even setting my texture to high lights on all, effects on high, visibility on medium, scenery on medium, terr prld to 50km,haze basic, water on low, 1024 x768, 32 bit. so i think this is active solution to temporarily resolve some of the fps issues. so let me know what you think. another aspect you can try is these lines though i have unchanged them you can try to change the values of them respectively, remember to do whole numbers in increments. Camera { current = "Medium"; Low { near_clip = 4; far_clip = 60000; structures = {30, 2000}; trees = {60000, 3000}; dynamic = {300, 20000}; objects = {3000, 40000}; mirage = {3000, 10000}; surface = {10000, 50000}; lights = {50, 10000}; lod = 0.7; } Medium { near_clip = 0.2; middle_clip = 4; far_clip = 80000; structures = {40, 5000}; trees = {100000, 6000}; dynamic = {300, 20000}; objects = {3000, 50000}; mirage = {3000, 15000}; surface = {14000, 80000}; lights = {100, 30000}; lod = 1; } High { near_clip = 0.2; middle_clip = 4; far_clip = 80000; structures = {200, 10000}; trees = {200000, 20000}; dynamic = {300, 20000}; objects = {5000, 80000}; mirage = {5000, 20000}; surface = {20000, 80000}; lights = {200, 80000}; lod = 1.5; } } as you see the set values are to the number of objects corresponding to the object hierachy, as well as lights and lod detail. u can change them in small increments to see if you can further enhance your framerates, but i wouldnt change them too much cause the landscape will look somewhat naked i think after a point.but once again u risk messing up the game, i cant stress it enough. so remember BACK UP! BACKUP! BACKUP.....OH AND DID I FORGET TO MENTION....BACK UP YOUR FILES!. let me know what you get. my friend went from 40 fps to 50+ to more than 60+ //MaxFPS = 60; rememvber to change this to a higher value, cause depending on your system, you will exceed the maxfps. :D hope this helps
  5. Lock On

    i dont know about you guys, but to what lexicon said about it not running well. I agreew ith JEFF lexi has to have his set up all wrong to not be running well on a monster of a system that he has. why do i say that? well let me explain i downloaded the game it runs on medium-high detail (no haze game acts funny) with no heat blur, Running at 1024x768 I get on average between 12-16 fps maybe 18 here and there. now mind you its not much in some respect. but the mere fact that my current system is a 1GHZ P3 coppermine overclocked to 1.125 GHZ 512MB PC133 WIN XP PRO (settings optimized) 20GB, & 80 GB MAXTOR HD ATI RADEON 8500 LE 128DDR (dont ask me why i bought lol didnt realize until after major DOH!) AUDIGY CARD SAITEK X-45 with the CH pedals its amazing on these settings that i get any respectable framerates at all. so this is merely my two cents in. This game granted is a bit unoptimized, yes thats true but lets take into consideration that its based on beta 5 code, and they are clearing beta 10 perhaps 11 code. as far as generic? i see nothing generic on this game. what flight sim have you seen with powerlines! all the way through the country!hell you can follow them all the wayto the other end damn near.individuals roads, cities, and towns, lakes, and airports, and airbases the list goes on.the terrain is the perhaps the best i ever seen since IL2, :o alway back to flanker 2.5 and falcon 4.0, the plane models are very very good. flight models ( no pilot so i can offer no opinion but the planes react very well) overall the immersion factor is very high, only quip i have is the uninteractive cockpit, but i wont nitpick because i get so so much more to compensate. well i wont rant on but in short, this game is looking to become a sim to benchmark on. this game has so much to offer, and as yet has offered much of that on the table up front. FOr anyone to tease, make fun,insult and belitttle the quality of this game, well my friends they dont know what they are talking about, and and far as FRamerates? who needs 50 60 70 frames a second in a sim if we get 30-40 FPS god bless them! frankly thats all you should need. dont compare framerates of FPS and sims there is no comparision. this game is gonna rock and anyone who says otherwise can..., well ill leave that to the imagination. ;) just be patient, the game is gonna come in december! whats another month month and a half. hell personally it gives me time to upgrade to a new system almost there :P need the chip and case and then im in like flint! :)~mawahwhahahahaa i can feel the power! overwhelming power!!! 3200+XP 1GB PC3200 DDR ATI RADEON 9700 128 ULTRA AUDIGY CARD USB 2.0 card 200 GB SEAGATE BARRACUDA SERIALATA XASER VM 3000 Series ATX case with built in CATHRAY tube and 5 82MM ANTEC FANS annd COOLANT SYSTEM

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