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  1. Bio server down???

    well MJ, whatever you did seem to fix the issue for myself and Siberzz. Much appreciated.......maybe we will see ya in the skies. and thanks again. <C> Reaper
  2. Bio server down???

    thanks MrMudd. I was thinking the same thing about the IP change. ODB_Siberzz, ODB_Spectre and myself have been having problems getting it to show up for the past 2 days. <C> Reaper
  3. Bio server down???

    i still cant get it to connect. ive had no problems untill yesterday and i dont have any type of firewall. when i go to the multiplayer connect screen, i type in the ip, click search and nothing comes up. i havent changed any settings in or out of the game. any other suggestions? <C> Reaper
  4. Bio server down???

    I've been trying for the past couple of hours to log in through game and its not letting me. In fact its not showing up at all. Not complaining, just wondering? <C> Reaper

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