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  1. Thank You MK2

    Thank u job well done!
  2. Val!!.JPG

  3. B-24 Down!.JPG

  4. Bomb Run.jpg

    Bomb Run!
  5. Hawk.jpg

  6. Betty on the run.jpg

    look here!
  7. Zero!!.jpg

  8. DUh DO I Feel Stupid that was the problem Thanks Gunny Now i Can Crash With Style!! LOL NightWind Over AN out!!
  9. HI all i need help to fix a problem when i play IL-2/Pacific Fighters My plane get shot down when it slams into the ground it should blow up right. Well mine does not it keeps bounceing up of the ground then back down again over an over tell it skids to a stop with the prop stile turning even when it is on the ground. I use Open Gl as the video seting. is there anything in the config fille i need to change to stop this, Thanks Nightwind. Here is my email if you have a reply that might work thanks!! madfog27@hoymail.com
  10. Atomic!.JPG

    The Bomb
  11. Tim Did It!!.JPG

  12. P-40!!!!!!!!.JPG

    does this look real
  13. P-40!!!!!!!!.JPG

    does this look real

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