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  1. Good thing I came back and read that! :yes: Thanks USAFMTL.
  2. Ah now I get it, I thought I had to open the dat file! but all I have to do is open the weapons editor after adding entries to the ini file, checking that all entries are there & double clicking on the new racks, then save, that updates the dat file! Many thanks for the help & aircraft!
  3. Hi, this is most frustrating, I downloaded the F-22A & F-22A B20 aircraft, I had edited the weapondata.ini file with: I then come across F-22A Fuel Tank Entry.txt containing: Do I add this to the weapondata.ini file? Also reading the SDB README.txt file states: "open up the Weapon Editor and update the Weapondata.dat file as per the knowledge base at Combatace.com - http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=9323. You are changing 1 weapon, adding 1 weapon, and adding one rack" The link says nothing about dat files, could someone help here or point me to a tutorial on how to do this.
  4. Thanks I'm checking the link now, my Son, his wife & my grandson come up here each fortnight & stays the weekend, this helps counter the cost of fuel getting here, seems everything is going up of late except wages!! Anyway we link up and play a number of coop games, I have 4 of TK's games & will most likely get WOI later. And I will not dare say something like, er ... Port Power!! Cheers.
  5. Thanks, I will look around, this was during multiplay, the aircraft starts mid flight, another annoyance that we can't start on runway, with canopy open & aircraft is already at 300mph! Edit: I just noticed your from Adelaide, small world, I live in Auburn in the Clare Valley, you have to admit this is the longest, hottest, driest summer for a long time, back in the 40's again, our tanks up here are almost empty, be glad to see some rain ... whats that stuff!!
  6. Also I have been flying with an open canopy, does anyone know how to close it, cant find a key!!
  7. Hi, I used to play SFP1 (years ago) & recently purchased WOV & WOE, tried a multiplay on lan but can't access the loadout screen, I searched the entire install but there are no loadout files for any aircraft, could someone refresh me as what to to to change the loadout especially on multiplay? :yes: Many thanks.
  8. Wow, that's amazing stuff Stary, the terrains are the only thing that's lagging in TK's games but your work is certainly changing that! Cheers.
  9. Looks great, but I can't seem to locate the download, could someone point it out? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I just downloaded all 5 parts of Charlie's Aces but the third part (Environment) is corrupt: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=5726 I have downloaded twice & terrain folder is definitely corrupted, could someone please advise or point me to where I can get this part. :cray: Many thanks in advance, Reece.
  11. Hi, just downloaded a copy of "Desert Storm 1991 light patch" however the file is self-extracting using "QSetup". When the file completes extracting the following message appears. ERROR The DEMO version of QSetup may only be used for evaluation Setup Aborted This file is nearly 100meg & I downloaded with 56k modem, is this a bad download or is the file itself a problem, would it help to download QSetup & attempt to extract the data. Any advise would be certainly appreciated. Many Thanks, Reece.

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