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  1. I believe these games are more modern than CFS3 and already use DirectX 9 (or even 10 as mentioned). My mod only works for games which use DirectX 8, and use it in a very specific manner. So there is almost no chance that it will work for anything besides CFS3 and its modifications.
  2. WOFF FM Thread

    I'm not exaggerating I really didn't notice any speed difference between flying straight and with full rudder - speed tends to stay above 180 km/h while level and at full throttle. While in Rise of Flight the plane loses about 20 km/h. Though otherwise I agree -- you've made the behavior very similar to ROF. Curiously, the stock WOFF FM already resulted in some bad habits for me: I've got used to doing full power approach and then performing a crazy crab landing in any spot of my choice, but with your FM I had a hard time slowing down in that tiny airfield surrounded by a forest. I really like what you've done, but with those possible AI problems (which I can understand as a programmer) I hope devs will revise the rudder behavior officially.
  3. WOFF FM Thread

    Hi! :) Finally got the time to try your mod, Gav. I'm not an expert in FM, but for me the main change is much different rudder behavior. However it seems to have some drawbacks. The maximum angle of sideslip I was able to achieve is rater small when compared to the stock one: and it seems ok. However I noticed that with your mod I don't lose any speed at all during sideslipping and the plane keeps accelerating. While stock "handbrake" rudder is not what I need either, the lack of additional drag in your mod seems suspicious. Anyway thanks for your efforts.

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