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  1. Hi guys, Happy New Year to all! I was away for Cristmass holidays, so is there a 2nd Patch?????? Deathdealer
  2. F-102

    Thanks Crab_02! Deathdealer
  3. Hey Striker01! I can help you with the photos! You have my email!
  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's awesome!!!!!!! There are some things that you should correct I'll send you an email. Thanks a lot!!!
  5. Thanks again Capun! You'vre realy helped me!
  6. Thanks Capun! The textures that zip contain are for the theater????? So if I want to make a new terrain I must create a cat???
  7. Hi guys, Is anyone making the F-102???? Deathdealer
  8. Is there a guide for making theaters???? And, what does the "Desert" Security Catalog includes????? I've download the Deuces theater, but it CTD when, I I try to play. BTW, NICE textures
  9. Hey!!!!!!! Hi Nick!!! Ok tell us what you have already made! Xronia Polla re gia xthes!!!!!!!!!! Kai bebaia tha xreiastw bohtheia gia to Ellhniko Theatro! Thanks again guys!
  10. Thanks Striker01! Could you give me through PM your email to send you some photos with the Aegean Camo??? Thanks again!
  11. Where do I find the LOD's and the Skins??????
  12. Hi guys, Would it be possible to have greek textures for F-86, F-84, F-4 (Aegean Blue Camo), later for F-5???? Cause, I'm considering making a theater with the Balkans, Greece, Bulgaria, FYROM, Albania and Turkey. Thanks!
  13. Heeeeelp

    Thanks Armordave!

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