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  1. I made it to the Smithsonian!

    I got a call yesterday morning about an aircraft that I did the nose art on several months ago. This aircraft is a 1933 Vega, made by Lockheed. It is the only one flying at this time and is one of 3 in Existence. It turns out that the one I painted is getting international attention and is at this time the most publicized AC in the world. I was told that it is in almost every aviation magazine world wide this month. The owner, John Magoffin is loaning it to a museum here in Arizona for a time and after it's used for promotional shoots and some other stuff, it will be put on display at the Smithsonian Institute early next year. What strikes me funny about this is that I did one other AC for John, via the guy who does his restorations for him (Rick Barter), and it was an impressive nude on the side of his B-17 that flies out of Gilbert AZ. The Vega just has a black panther on the side. So all of these people are looking at my work but its no where near as detailed or elaborate as many of my other AC murals. This is pretty standard of Rick Barter's work. The guy is a talented person and already had 2 of his restored AC on display at the Smithsonian. Because of him I have flown in some pretty impressive planes over the years. How many people can say they've flown in Eisenhower's personal DC3? Or Cary Grant's DC3? Sadly......of my many accomplishment in my life that most people would think bring fame and fortune, or even ultimate cool status......I will get little recognition for the work and have already been paid my usual $600 fee. So it really amounts to that old saying......."That and $2 will get ya a cup of coffee over at Denny's". Oh well.....my mom says that it's just another feather in my cap. I don't wear a hat......................................... http://www.warbirdsnews.com/warbirds-news/warbird-collections/commemorative-air-force-news/1933-lockheed-vega-display-caf-airbase-arizona.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwPPRgXF17M
  2. Political Arena? What happened?

    When I first signed up for the forum, I saw the post about the political forum. After replying, I noticed that "political arena" now appears under my name. But I have never seen this category here on the forums. What happened to it? I noticed that the initial thread for the forum is from 2010. Did it not work out? Were there too many threats on people's lives? Just curious
  3. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=125117 I myself am pretty excited about this. Although the DCS world format isn't exactly the best place in the world to have an F-86, I have been flying the P-51 and the Huey there for some time now and set up my missions with vehicles and planes that are pretty compatible with what I am doing. I think that the F-86 will be just as fun as any of the DCS planes. To be honest, I get a little bored with the A-10. Once you got all of the sequences and button pushing skills out of the way, it seems (to me anyway) to get uneventful. That's why I enjoy the P-51 so much. You have to pay attention to your rudder, speed, manifold pressure, and a host of other things when your flying. So there are lots of people already saying "What's the point of adding another relic from the past to this sim?". I understand that mentality, but I just love the older aircraft so much more than modern planes. Maybe someone at Eagle Dynamics feels the same way that I do. Anyway.....I'm pretty friggin excited and have my credit card already fired up and ready. The F-86 I purchased from XPlane is so ridiculous that I don't ever fly it any more. XPlane has become kind of like flying a Mickey Mouse mobile through Loony Tunes cartoonville. So unreal and cartoony that I just get tired of it after a few minutes.
  4. Council tells WW2 Re-enactment society.. NO NAZIS

    You have to admit.......things would have been a hell of a lot better had there actually been no Nazis.
  5. Macdonalds burgers unfit for human consumption

    I have not touched anything from McGaggers in almost 20 years, nor from BK, KFC, Wendy's or any of them. I have never eaten: Taco Bell, Carl's Jr., Sonic, In and Out, or Jack in the Crack. That garbage is poison disguised as food. I love how in the commercials they show all of these young, in shape modelesque people chowing down on their rat meat and when you go into any real McDonalds, all you see are disgusting overweight slobs. And my little boy loves Happy Meals. So once every two weeks I take him to get one. He likes the TV commercials that are geared toward suckering kids into the rat trap. I honestly believe that they should change the first amendment to make it illegal for people to advertise and promote things that they absolutely know will harm people. McDonalds touts itself as a friggin healthy place to eat for kids. It's criminal in my mind. A new study came out recently about the U.S. military. It seems that less and less people are going in. And while that's not really a problem in my eyes, it is the reason that they aren't going in that bothers me. It seems that record numbers of youth are being turned away due to their weight. And now.....record numbers are being turned away because of low test scores. America is getting fat and lazy. Tsk Tsk. Shame on all of these people capitalizing on harming others. So McDonalds is unfit for consumtion for many many reasons. Not just the ones stated in this thread. It's garbage.
  6. My Newest Acquisitions

    Sorry.....Ruger autos work better if you hurl them at your target. I put them on par with Llama. I've seen those things jam and jam and jam and jam........Especially their 1911-91 military knock offs. Their revolvers are pretty nice but I don't like the indirect firing pin in their Vaquero models. That other guy had it pretty dead on. Springfield is putting out the best 1911-91 knockoff these days. Very dependable and they'll shoot semi wads without jamming. If I'm going to put my life in a firearm's hands....I want it to work every time I fire it.
  7. R.I.P. Windows XP

    I was forced into Windows8 because I needed a new computer and no manufacturer is licensed to load anything other than 8 on their hardware any more. I would put Win8 on par with that flustercluck they called Vista (what a nightmare that was). Although both are absolutely terrible to use. I think that 8 is just a little worse than Vista. It's not that its different than the other Windows systems. It's just ridiculously redundant, annoying to navigate with it's useless "charms" popping up, a desktop, and this other no mans land they call the charm menu, it's user unfriendly menu configurations, the fact that you can't touch anywhere on the damn screen without having to worry about crap changing or popping out to prompt a change, and about a gazillion other annoying, unfriendly features. Windows 8 is the straw in this camel's back. And what's with the multi step process to get out of programs like Adobe Reader? You can't just click on the corner, you have to either go to the corner of your monitor, let the desktop icon drop down and navigate to the desktop (not really closing the program, only hiding it) or you have to right click to a whole other menu to close. It's just stupid. I resolved to make my next computer a Mac because Microsoft just doesn't understand what adults want anymore. They cater to kids and their friggin toys. I was kind of under the impression that Windows8 would be OK since 7 was pretty good. But they just bent all of us over again. You can't trust Microsoft any more.
  8. Letterman's successor

    http://xfinity.comcast.net/articles/entertainment-eonline/20140410/b530500/?cid=hero_media I certainly did not expect this but I am pretty friggin happy with it. In my opinion.......no better choice. Now maybe I'll watch a little more often. Dave could get a little old, but this guy....I never tire of him.
  9. True Facts About Morgan Freeman

    David Letterman once said of Morgan Freeman "He never read a script that he turned down". And he was kind of right about that. The guy seems to appear in small random roles in so many movies. Many is the time I'd be watching some terrible B list movie, and there would be Morgan Freeman playing some small part. I always think to myself: "Why would such a good actor be in such a poorly written movie?" Lucky Number Sleven is a perfect example. But then again....Ben Kingsley is also in that flick.
  10. P-51

    Yeah...that 190 has no governed limitations whatsoever. Nor do the other P-51's in the custom missions. Even on Average skill, they outfly you pretty easily. And the AI Hueys in custom missions....forget it. They're useless as tits on a boar hog. They won't respond to any of your commands. All they do is mirror your movements and try to stay in formation with you no matter what you do. On line is pretty much a bunch of guys just like me who aren't top gun candidates but like to fool around with other fliers. I have yet to engage another person in the P-51 in a server. Most people fly co-op missions. That's pretty fun. But most of the servers do not use TS so the only communication you can do is through chat. I don't know why TS has become so......un-used these days. As far as all of these new releases from DCS, I really don't have a clue as to what they have planned for them. It always seemed to me that DCS is kind of long on ambition and short on delivery. The WWII setup probably would never happen if a few select people weren't involved. From my understanding, it's not an ED thing but is being done by outside people. I also remember reading about a Las Vegas theater, or something like that but it never happened. I enjoy flying their planes but as a company they fail to deliver more often than not. I suppose that there are a lot of guys who would argue that point with me but that's the beauty of being a person. You have your own opinions and thoughts.
  11. This thing is definitely on my "to get" list. Your review was pretty in depth, I appreciate that.
  12. P-51

    I fully agree with you Jedi. I was pretty disappointed when I first downloaded it and had no compatible adversaries to go against. But I found quite a bit of light armored vehicles that can work ok until the WWII package comes along. I still love the P-51 head and shoulders above most of the other DCS planes. But then, I am a WWII plane buff. I also have the Huey, A-10A, A-10C. But I don't play around with the A-10s much. The Huey is pretty fun, but also kind of out of place on any server. Both it and the P-51 don't really stand a chance against most of the competition on the internet. That's kind of why I look for people to fly with.
  13. Galactic Empire fail to take over Ukraine

    You got it exactly right Jedi.........But then again, Russia (or the Soviet Union) has never cared what the rest of the planet thinks or does. So just about anything that anyone throws at them is pretty useless. When I was in the Army many years ago during the cold war, I was trained on the Russian mentality. They are pretty brutal people. Some of the things I learned about their methods of getting what they want made my blood curdle. I truly believe that the U.S. and it's allies are much more afraid of them than they are of just about anything we could ever do to them. They have a long suffering violent history that they still carry the lingering effects of.
  14. Post random things thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMnLhlT_364 This is absolutely one of my favorite Youtube videos. It pretty much fits in the idea in this thread. Enjoy! Such a true piece.
  15. P-51

    Are you serious??? No one flies a P-51 here? Wow!

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