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  1. Got it! All's well, thanks everyone. Very nice mod, very nice. Adds an air of cat-and-mouse...
  2. Still not working. I'll keep at it after dinner with a fresh set of eyes :) And a full BELLEH.
  3. Thanks so much! This game keeps getting better and better... Now, how do I squeeze it back into the .cat file?
  4. BTW, what would be a fine, cost-free editor to pop that flightdata.cat file open and edit it?
  5. I just deleted SpeechUSN, actually by a series of unfortunate blunders, but now I have Red Crown wherever I am. That works for me.
  6. Ha! Thanks, guys! Good ideas, and thanks, MigBuster, for the linky-dink!
  7. I love this sim- But c'mon! A real pilot would not know the location and type of every enemy aircraft with the in-flight map. Actually, not even the exact location of the friendlies. (Maybe with current classified technology, though) Has someone made a mod in which only friendlies are shown on the map? Or, maybe just within a certain range of the pilot- Like a general idea of the situation around them for 10 or 20 miles or so? Someone please point this noob in the right direction :) -Russell

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