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  1. I'm on Win10. I got your point. The problem is that I'm short of space on C: and the game can't create the Mod folder there so I was looking for a way to create the folder on a different drive than C:. As this turns out to be impossible I'll have to get a larger disk. Thanks everyone involved for their help.
  2. @Wrench Thanks, looks like I'll have to invest in a SSD. Hope the game is worth it. @MigBuster I have installed the game in a drive, different than C:, too, for lack of space. Nevertheless, when I started the game, the "ThirdWire" folder was created in C:. I think Wrench has answered my question. Thank you anyway.
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply. This is very useful, but it regards the Mod folders. What I have in mind is the original "ThirdWire" folder, which is automatically created in C: drive upon initial start of the game. I'm wondering if this folder can be move to another drive too.
  4. Hi guys, A newbie question: Is it possible for the "ThirdWire" folder to be created in a drive different than C:. I'm just running out of space on my C: . Any input will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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