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    I think you mis-understand me, I do not mean landing approach speed but the approach speed of any distant object. I realise their is a big difference between a cessna and an A10 but what I am trying to say is in other flight sims even the cessna speeds seem very fast. I am trying to establish whether looking out the cock-pit whilst drivin the A10 in Lo-mac really equates to the real thing how about someone giving an honest answer.
  2. I would be interessted to hear just how realistic the effects/sights are in Lo-Mac compared to the real thing. I have found approach speeds from other sim's to be very high when veiwed from front cockpit veiw and cannot beleive this to be realistic. When I was in the co-pilot chair of a small single engine plane years ago I remember it being much slower, is this just due to the wider view angles in real life, the same is true of car racing games on the monitor, seems much faster than looking through a real windshield. ;)

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