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  1. Where'd ya get the beautiful rendition of the F4G Wild Weasels from Spang? I took Blue tails to the first Gulf War as an avionics technician. Then later I worked yellow tails till they were retired. Thanks Curtis Montana
  2. Check the vertical Tail's angle, they look like they are laying over some and I don't believe that's correct. They should be more vertical. Other than that it's superb! Curtis Montana
  3. I just received YAP2 and I'm close to getting airborne. In the install file it says: 4- PHOTO RECCE MOD. Do it. We have done most of it but parts you must do. Just follow the directions. They make the photo recon missions some of the best we have. Where do I find this? Thanks for the help. Curtis Montana
  4. Thanks! I've made the changes and hopefully the WOV disk will be here today! Curtis www.TailwindGliders.com
  5. My first post here at Combat Ace, or at least it's been a long time since. I have WOV and soon YAP2 and I just purchased a new video card and I'd be very interested in some help with the video card settings. I'm running WinXP SP3 with a Pentium4 3.0 Gig processor and 2Gig of RAM. Here's my video card settings, I have an NVidia Geforce 7600 GS 256Meg video card. Any suggestions on what each item should be set to? Anisotropic Filtering App. Controlled Anitaliasing -Gamma Correction OFF Antialiasing - Setting App Controlled Antialiasing - Transparency OFF Conformant texture clamp Use Hardware Extenison Limit OFF Max Pre-rendered Frames 3 Multi-display/mixed GPU acceleration Multiple display performance mode Texture filtering - Anisotropic mip filter OFF Texure filtering - Anisotropic sample ON Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias ALLOW Textue filtering - Qualit QUALITY Texture filtering - Trilinear Optimization ON Triple buffering OFF Vertical Sync USE 3d App Setting. Thanks Curtis Montana www.TailwindGliders.com
  6. Sim Reality

    I think it has an excellent representation of speed. I fly Cessna 2,3 and 4 series and have about 2,800 hours. Try this, check out the DME and fly for 4 miles at 240kts, which equates to 4 miles a minute and see what you come up with. I assume the demo has zero winds and make sure you're using Groundspeed. Indicated or True airspeed will be different depending on altitude. Use groundspeed and try different altitudes, you should come up with the same times, assuming no winds. Curtis Montana

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