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  1. There were however, the cross channel operations from 41-42. Rhubarb sorties etc.
  2. Hello Everybody. I've tabled this discussion for now. I may end up revisiting it later as it probably will come up again. I posted over at Thirdwire and got many good suggestions. However, so far it's no-joy. I tried several different iterations including using the texture name from the textureset.ini. No change I'm afraid. Can't seem to get it to work.
  3. Stratos, You have no carrier set up for the US Navy unit. You point to Carrier No. 05 in the Fury air unit set up but you have no Carrier 05. Check the Adding Carriers tutorial in the knowledge base for more info.
  4. I guess we all have similar tastes then. I already have one about halfway done. I'm calling it Dhimar '58. I'm glad I picked up on this thread, as I hadn't realized that the Fury wasn't carrier capable. And I have a unit of those deployed already. The ini fix will work for me just fine however.
  5. Thanks JSF Aggie, I'll try that. The beta I'm working with is actually an edit of the default Burning Sands. I've never lasted long enough in a career in the original campaign to know for sure if it works with the texture reference..lol.. However, this edit I've done gives a mission or two to a VF-84 Fury squadron before quickly switching to VF-84 Demons. The campaign start year and upgrade year are the same.
  6. (Previously posted at column5.us, however, those guys seem to be on vacation this week. ) Hello. I've been doing some beta campaigning and I've run into an issue while referencing upgrade plane textures. Bunyap's tutorial shows the following: UpgradeType=FIXED - Type of aircraft upgrade. "NEVER" for no upgrades. "ANY" also available. Upgrade[01].Year=1959 - Used for "FIXED" upgrades. Year the upgrade takes place. Upgrade[01].Type=F-104G - Used for "FIXED" upgrades. Aircraft the unit upgrades to. Upgrade[01].Texture=USAFSilver1 - Used for "FIXED" upgrades. Markings used be the upgraded aircraft. Corresponds to a directory in the Objects/Aircraft/F-104G (in this case) folder. My entry in the beta campaign_data.ini shows a similar reference: UpgradeType=FIXED Upgrade[01].Year=1958 Upgrade[01].Type=F3H-2M Upgrade[01].Texture=VF-84 The problem is that the game seems to ignore the Upgrade[01].Texture=VF-84 entry. IE the aircraft upgrade works fine, however, it uses the plane's default texture or skin. I've double checked the folder reference for the skin and it seems to be correct. I've also reviewed some existing campaigns (aside from Burning Sands) for clues, but they have no upgrade entries. Any suggestions forthcoming would be appreciated.
  7. Me too. I should have suggested that as well.
  8. There was also this small incident in 1958: http://www.acig.org/artman/publish/article_259.shtml
  9. Tankhunter, I looked at the campaign.ini and couldn't see anything off the bat that should pose a problem. I checked your air unit tags etc. and they seem to be in order. There appears to be a syntax error somewhere but without seeing what folders you're trying to reference with airunit047 in objects/aircraft, I can't really make any suggestions except to double check the folder names. It seems to me that it's defaulting to 001 because it may not understand the refererences in 047. Or perhaps, there's something in 047 that is pointing to 001. Good luck.
  10. Yes. In fact, the F-86 skins are what I'm working with. My Dhimar declaration in nations.ini to make these flyable in a campaign is where I'm having trouble. It must not be pointing to the proper decal sets.
  11. Thanks Major Lee. I picked up your F-100 Merc skin a while back. I was looking through the readme for some insight. I tried mirroring what you did with the Merc skin with what I'm trying to accomplish for the Dhimari squads. For some reason, I'm coming up short. I'll poke around some more. It's probably the syntax I'm using.
  12. I am trying to create a flyable Royal Dhimari Sqn in a beta campaign I'm working on. However, I am perplexed as to how nations.ini is supposed to work within this framework. This is what I have observed: 1) In the default Burning Sands campaign, there are Dhimari AI squadrons referenced in the campaign_data.ini that point to "Dhimar" as an entry in nations.ini. Yet by default, after extracting nations.ini, there is no entry for Dhimar. You have to create one so that the unit will show as flyable. (I did so by copying a layout of a flyable unit and making the appropriate changes) But in doing that, I lose the Dhimari national markings on the wings and fuselage. This also affects single missions. 2) Once I remove the Dhimar entry in nations.ini, everything returns to normal. The Royal Dhimar skin shows it's appropriate markings - but there is no flyable unit in the campaign (obviously). 3) I also downloaded the add-on nations.ini from this site (a bit dated I'm afraid) and installed it. With the same results as point 1. No national insignia show up. Where I become confused is how the add-on skins for Dhimar nationalities and non-flyable squads get their marking info. if not from a reference in nations.ini. There is probably an easy solution to this, however, I need to clear my head by posing the question.
  13. Blipping

    Kudos TS. Why didn't I think of that? BTW, below is a genuine Bosch magneto switch used on the Gotha Bomber. If you want, print it out, cut it out and tape it to your monitor. It worked for me.

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