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    Tampa, Florida, USA, North America, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy
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    My wife and kids - Medieval arms and armor - WWII (especially aircraft) - Science fiction books, movies, and television - Irish culture and folk music
    In-home caregiver for my disabled wife and Mr. Mom to my boys
  1. Alan Bean passes away at 86

    R.I. P. Captain Alan L. Bean Thank you for your service, and for carrying our dreams on your shoulders. We salute you. -Irish
  2. DCS WWII: Europe 1944

    The immediately previous post was from December 2016. Before that, this thread had been DEAD for over three years. DCS WWII is VAPORWARE! Don't get your hopes up. People are purchasing individual planes and such, letting Eagle Dynamics play the same cash grab that Piranha Games did with Mechwarrior Online, when they sold all their battlemechs individually. There's never going to be a DCS sim like the old time ones, where you bought the one game and got 30 flyable planes, campaigns, individual missions, and a mission creator. They can make too much money nickel and diming their customers for each individual plane, map, et cetera. And, the sheeple are buying into it and letting them get away with it SO much, we may never see another complete flight sim game come out, as a single package. I had hopes, when I first heard of DCS WWII, that it would be something special. Those hopes died a painful death, long ago. -Irish

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