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  1. Over the past 4 months the Storm of War server and website have undergone a number of important changes. We are now ready to open the server back up to the Cliffs of Dover community. Firstly, please note that we have a new website and forums here; www.stormofwar.org The old website is now going to be re-directed to the new URL. The server itself has undergone a large number of important changes too, including; Improved Player Stats, including "pilot career" tracking Improved Bomber Stats Squadron v Squadron stats New realism features and target types within the missions Downloadable / printable mission pdf briefing files for all Missions with target photos and maps Player controlled mission rotation New RADAR and aircraft tracking systems (both in-game and on the website) Friendly aircraft tracking system to assist bomber/fighter escorting Missions that provide safe spawns for Bomber pilots Luftwaffe Directional Beacons AI aircraft with scaling features And more... To explain most of the changes we have made, please watch these two YouTube videos . Video one : http://youtu.be/_56JhIdbG7Q AND video two : http://youtu.be/WjvKC2SaGlw We welcome all Cliffs of Dover players to the server and the new website, particularly those players who are members of online Squadrons. We would also love to welcome back players who have not played Cliffs of Dover for a while, and who might be looking for something new in the multi-player environment. A new campaign is also being planned. More news on this will follow in time. Salute, Storm of War .
  2. Not sure if you chaps have seen these before, some player-made YouTube vids from IL2 : Cliffs of Dover; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFaP781U3CM#t=66 enjoy.
  3. Introducing Myself

    Hi mate, grew up in the Hutt Valley, but spent all my Summers and school holidays at Hatepe, not far from you. Living now in a city called Landshut, in Bavaria.
  4. Introducing Myself

    New member; Hi all, I'm Philstyle, I'm a kiwi, but I live in Germany.. I'm part of the Virtual 92 Squadron (www.92-sqaudron.com). We can normally be found flying on the IL": Cliffs of Dover "storm of war" server. We have a presence in IL2: Cliffs of Dover and in DCS. I guess I'll mostly be posting in the IL2 series forum rooms. My personal simming-time is mainly accumulate in Cliffs of Dover. I make a few videos too and post them on YouTube from time to time, including loads of in-game tutorials. Some examples; Cliffs Dover Montage; A tutorial on attacking bomber formations; http://youtu.be/g08flG5IJ6o?list=UUaLiosPyg4O4UF3Kf1mB7LQ Some online footage flying with a 92 sqn. wingman; http://youtu.be/PtdKKfm6X24?list=UUaLiosPyg4O4UF3Kf1mB7LQ
  5. Are you talking about Cliffs of Dover? In which case, yes, provided you are online you can specify your own load-outs. You can also adjust the ammunition type and the convergence ranges of all the Machine guns and Canons on all flyable types of aircraft.

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