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  1. I have Pacific Fighters installed Stand alone. I have been playing Single and Quick Missions and he game plays fine for awhile, Usually, when I have the QMB loaded with aircraft, the game will freeze and Windows reports a problem with the jvm.dll in the PF Client file. The error report indicates that this file is version which doesn't make a lot of sense. Before I installed a new hard drive, this problem never occurred. So, is there a solution? Maybe some way to update the jvm.dll specific to PF? I don't want to mess with it until I know for sure what to do. I also installed the PF 3.01 patch and found no significant changes. Anybody? Appreciate any help.
  2. I installed PF stand alone a couple weeks ago and have been learning the game in Quick Mission Builder. I have a couple questions. My favorite aircraft is the F4U Corsair (all versions). I don't understand why its performance, specifically airspeed is so bloody slow. Flat out in level flight, I rarely reach 300 kts. The only time I get that baby hauling the mail is in a near straight down dive. I know the actual aircraft was capable of over 400 kts. In addition, once I reach altitudes above 6 or 7 thousand feet, it climbs like an anvil. Interesting that the AI corsairs outfly me in every situation, except maybe during landing. I haven't gotten into the Realistic settings yet, so maybe the performance with some of those features will improve. In any case, is there anything I can do to improve this fighter's performance while playing in QMB? BTW, the same lack of performance is true for the P-51. I imagine that is so for others also. Appreciate any suggestions.
  3. There are only two armies under Properties: Red (Russian} and Blue (German). All aircraft available are either Russian or German. There are no Pacific Fighter aircraft. Looks like I have ILSturmovik objects instead.
  4. I installed Pacific Fighters stand alone. In Full Mission build, after I have chosen the map, set conditions, etc., I place an Object--say a C-47--then when I click on the object properties the two options for armies are Russian (red) and German (blue). The aircraft markings are then either a red star or the German cross. What do I need to do to change this so that the armies are either US/UK or IJN? Why this is so is a bit of a mystery.

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