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  1. Ah the memories! I still have SFP2 installed and works fine! Ordered the SFP2 for Windows 10, just to connect again to this wonderful community after all these years!
  2. BAF F-104G

  3. I must say I like SF2:NA very much, runs great on my PC. And of course I couldn't care less about the kind of grey blob called Iceland, since its the Tomcat I bought it for and I usually fly it at angels 30, no time to look below. I'm now flying that very Tomcat in SF2: Europe, Vietnam and Israel and it really brings something to the table. The TMF Tomcat is very great too, I liked BPao's original most. But then again I'm happy flying!
  4. Pfunk, your review was honest and to me no surprise. The SFP series is what it is since the beginning: you run it, run into some issues, check the forums, wait for the tools, extract some files, dive into the ini's and the fun begins. It would only be half the fun if it all worked out from the start. I cannot imagine flying the Tomcat without looking into the data ini etc. And then again TK does bring out patches at a decent frequency. As long as I can open a file in notepad whatever and can start to tweak a little any title goes for me. Did you guys really expect a nice terrain? In this series? hehe. I would wait until the community makes something nice for SF2:NA before a second review. And for one thing, do not believe modders who promise to quit the game. They don't. All lies
  5. I installed SF2:NA on my PC that also has an SF2 merged install with the 4 titles. I do not have the mentioned problem. F-14A works in any of the SF2 games I launch. So, I think something is plain simply wrong with your install.
  6. Major bug in merged install: in SF2 europe my AG weapons do not hit ships etc anymore, they just fly trhough them without effect? So: AGM-65B is bogus, but also LAU-10 doesn't work at all against cargo ships.
  7. Wow, "upgrading" from the Phantom to the Tomcat in SFP2 really brings something to the table. The cat is excellent to dogfight the Migs, and the better avionics also make that I have much more success with the Sparrow missiles.
  8. Absoluteley awesome, the pilot deserves a medal, the chinook already has its place in aviation history cemented! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRYOKSBHxmI&feature=player_embedded
  9. Streakeagle, I'm not sure. When these fighters were designed in the nineties of a now forelorn millennium, indeed the F-22 was the supposed F-15 replacement and the F-35 the F-16 follow-on. But we are now 2011 and the game has played out quite differently. Honestly, the F-22 is at its best while grounded: saving taxpayers' money at an incredible rate. Since no one really came to play its game, it is in search of a true mission. What is worse: it lacks true network integration with other assets, has no optical systems (often required for ROE) and proves very hard and costly to upgrade. An F-16 MLU can carry AIM-9X + JHMCS, to name a few things. The F-22 carries yesterdays missiles. The F-35 is no longer the sustainable, affordable fighter it was meant to be either. Instead, it has become the technological flagship of the day, including technology on average 10 to 15 years more recent that F-22. And what is even better, in the F-35 you will actually be at the front row in any future conflict, while the F-22 has been sidelined during 3 wars already. My guess is the top pilots will want a seat in the hottest fighter in town, the F-35.
  10. Well, I bought all DLC's, not just to support TK but also because they are really cool. Sometimes it feels weird that TK brings out what the community already has done in a very bright way - think about the F-105, the Mirage III, The magnificent F-4EJ skins by Sundowner. But then again, it shows how close TK is with the community: we kinda want the same aircraft, the same memories. And I still appreciate the modders' and skinners work. And I dunno why, but I do feel the game has transformed somehow. It just looks very slick on my widescreen high-end rig, while the basics never really changed, it is a far cry from the 2002 or what was it game I first bought!
  11. 15 december was the last flight of the Harrier GR.7. In my view quite a (sad) historic moment, that I would dare to compare to the demise of the Tomcat. The Harrier sure exits at its pinnacle: adding a sniper pod proved incredibly transformational, and almost compensated in one stroke all the inherent limitations of the design; I guess anyone would recognize the Harrier became a damn good CAS aircraft. The Harrier community deserves a salute, I would say!
  12. The RN is to get its teeth pulled

    Mmmm ... I wonder what surpises there will be tomorrow ... after the Typhoon without gun and the Chinook without avionics the prospect of an aircraft carrier without aircraft might be tempting to the MoD accountants, given the fact the US isn't selling the F-35 without stealth.
  13. Well, I must say I'm not some moralist whatsoever, but I think it is a defendable decision. Some decency has its place everywhere, even in something that is just a game. It just isn't right to give Taliban fans a little game for practice. Whether it was greed or just bad taste that pushed EA to spoil their nice series with this, the commercial implications are for them to assess. I had the same uneasy feeling when my kid chose to play with the terrorists side in Counterstrike. Somehow I would never do such a thing, must be I'm getting old ;-)
  14. Nice video Xclusiv! Very athmospheric and good action!!! I disable the screen messages by editing messagesystem.ini in the Flight folder under Saved Games: [MessageSystem] MaxMessages=1 MessageTime=0.01 MessageFadeTime=0.01

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