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  1. Space bar and the main button 1 (or trigger) are set for a gun by default. Setting it manually doesn't change the outcome either. It's just not working. Try to run Campaign. Select Mercenary as your Service. See for yourself.
  2. THE TRIGGER ISN'T WORKING ! Pressing space on the keyboard OR trigger on a stick isn't working. Can't use the gun. It may be there but ISN'T WORKING.
  3. Well..... That early version of Phantom may have no gun BUT i just started another compaign where i get to fly a Sabre and the mission is to destroy all enemy aircraft i see and that plane doesn't have a gun as well !!!! LOL Neither can you take missiles ! If talking about fixing bugs i think that those "NO GUN FOR YOU, SOLDIER !" bugs should be addressed as a 1st priority. No go without them.
  4. THNX for the INFO Column5 :) ! I just found another "bug". Pressing SHIFT+R (at any time looks like) brings me right to desktop ! Works just like Alt+Q :)
  5. When starting a compaign and choosing VMFA-531 Grey Ghosts (they have F-4 Pfantom II) as your Unit Name THE GUN DOESN'T WORK !!! Hitting the trigger (Button 1) or pressing SPACE does nothing. The gun works on that Jet in single missions but not in the compaign. At least not in the 1st mission.

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