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  1. Track IR Who has it

    Madjeff, any chance you can get those trackir2 profiles posted?
  2. Track IR Who has it

    Thanks look forward to trying them out tonight!! :D
  3. Track IR Who has it

    Hey Mad, Just read your review. Good job. Do you think you can post your profiles that you have for your games? I am still getting used to the software and would like to see and try your profiles.
  4. You dont get a box with your game?
  5. I know mad, but I was actually wondering when it was moving past the beta form and having the final code available. I usually dont dl betas and wait for the final code but I will dl this one tonight. I can't wait to get Lomac online. Thanks for the quick response.
  6. So when will we see Lomac officially on HL? I hate using Ubi to connect to games.
  7. Nice pics!! Love the detail in the game. They really went all out on this one. 3 hours and counting!! :D
  8. Track IR Who has it

    Well I finally ordered my own Trackir 2 and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Hopefully I will get it just in time for Lomac. I have heard all kinds of praise for it so I know I wont be disappointed.

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