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  1. Using Catalyst driivers You can easily enable/disable Fastwrites from the "SmartGART" tab under advanced display properties. But first, make sure you have a mainboard that supports Fastwrites and its enabled in bios.
  2. I'm looking for a new stick to replace my old rattly Precision2..(somethings..gotta help..hehe) What do you think of the new Cyborg EVO, I tried it out on the shelf, Its got great feel but didn't buy yet. EVO
  3. Great shots...now the queston..... Did you get it back down or did you have to ditch?
  4. Now, I feel like an ass..... :( can I say I was wrong and be forgiven? ....been a little stressed and it makes me quick on the trigger...
  5. You all are sooo friendly......I can barely stand it. Think I'll spend my time elsewhere........Forums like this plain stink see ya
  6. I'm running it on a 9800Pro 128mb, Catalyst 3.9s @ 1024x768x32...Full details 4xFSAA, 4xAF...very smooth and very nice to look at. I have to give a nod to the 9600 for you.
  7. She looks like "all business"
  8. Hey guys, in the way back when I was even more crazy , all I did was mil sim, but over the years, with a new family, I moved to simple FPSers(much less time consuming ;) ). Anyway, LO:MAC....has latched on to my 6 and won't let go.....After reading up and catching this forum....I've decided I'm going to pick it up and try to work out the rust (If my joystick still works....now, where the hell did I put that thing) see ya round.....I got to go become a hole in the virtual ground...

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