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  1. Total Newbie..

    damn its 2 hard.. i have been trying for 2 days and still cant manage to fly a plane :(
  2. Total Newbie..

    hehe :) thanx for the info Seawolf
  3. thank you very much .. By the way the video rocks
  4. Total Newbie..

    thanx for the info and reply... btw does this game have training AND missions? thanx
  5. does anybody know the title for the song in the video? and the artist?
  6. hello guys... this is my first game that has to do with planes but i liked it so i bought it.. i havent installed it yet but i would like to ask if this game is TOO difficult for gamers that havent played any "plane games" yet... is it as difficult as flight simulator? or is it a little bit more easier to learn? ... i really want to play this game.. also if anybody has a link for a mini instructions guide or basic info for playing the game please post it here... thanx in advance

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