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  1. Thanks... I actually bought SF2V and the Mission Editor today. Thanks for all the help!
  2. So I just bought SF2V and I can Load Missions, the only problem is I want to practice carrier landings with the F/A-18. Is there any community made missions that I can use to practice landings?
  3. Thanks for your time and help. I will look into getting SF2V.
  4. The only Strike Fighter 2 game I have is North Atlantic. Also, if I select "Instant Action" the game crashes. I am running Windows 10.
  5. Yeah.. it is strange.. when I click on "Load Mission" it says none available
  6. Also, there are no "Load" missions.
  7. Strike Fighters 2 North Atlantic does not have practice missions for carrier landing. Is there any downloadable missions that I can get to practice carrier landings?

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