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  1. Aircraft Documentaries on Youtube

    yeah there are some old docus in amongst that lot. (and some in french and russian etc, id like to watch the one about Kamov helicopters but alas, i dont speak russian) that dogfighters series is good, id like to see all of them. (you can find a few episodes to watch online, search on google video for "dogfighters", it searches youtube aswell etc)
  2. Roll Call

    makes Cambodia look like Kansas.
  3. hello not sure if this stuff has been posted before (i dont check the forum that often, just log in to dl strike fighters add ons, eternal thanks to modders/skinners/hosters et al) here are some youtube users with loads of aircraft vids...(amongst other military/history stuff etc, have a sift through) (when i mean vids i mean proper docus, not 2minutes of shaky footage of a mig29 at an airshow in 1998, for instance) http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=mineman65 http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=djchow http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user...;p=r&page=1 Worth bookmarking them as they tend to upload new stuff fairly often (djchow and navy particularly)
  4. Korea and Vietnam Air War Vids

    yeah same, id not seen such good footage of f105s before.
  5. i was looking up some vids about these air wars and thought i might aswell post the links as others might be interested etc (please add more from this period if you have any links) Korean Air War The Korean People's Wings Of Freedom (hilarious north korean propaganda film that isnt quite sure what period its in, note those fake cockpit shots with clouds overlayed/composited, and check that benny hill style soundtrack, of course the story neglects to mention that the most effective pilots on their side during the korean war were russians) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HByXYxYN7H4 Korean War (USAF) (footage of strafing etc) USAF in Korea Vol3 Chapter 3...1950 (u.s. propaganda film about the air war, 30mins) http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=...=korean+air+war Vietnamese Air War 25 Hour Day (another propaganda film, this one made by Fairchild Hiller in conjuction with or should that be collusion with the USAF, in colour, 12mins, some good footage of thunderchiefs in this one, and a clip of Robert Macnamara doing a bit of PR, presumably as a result of some spurious game theory equation) (also check this google video users films, lots of aircraft footage, including russian stuff) http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=...ration%3Amedium 558thTFS: TheMission 558th Tactical Fighter Squadron combat missions, 1967 (colour footage of phantoms over vietnam, along to a turgid sub-wagner meets de sousa soundtrack) Stock Footage of USAF Vietnam Air Operations (no sound, 57mins, add your own music?, ride of valkyries?, or perhaps some generic metal to make it more upto date?) http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=...duration%3Along Secrets of war Vietnam Special Operations (a modern documentary/propaganda film about u.s. special forces in vietnam, not aviation specifically, thought I might aswell include it) http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=...duration%3Along
  6. agreed, where would we be without serendipity.
  7. Project Reality

    agreed, its ace. loads more maps than vanilla, you need a crew to drive a tank, you cant just jump in a plane or heli (without requesting pilot kit), no confirmed kills, one or two well aimed shots gets a kill, weapon recoil, lots of new vehicles (the british landrover is a current favourite, on the helmand province map) a slight downside is they need to improve the single player element (only a couple of maps work for most people atm, although that might be due to lack of ram, 2gb is recommended) good job modders. (best things in life are free)
  8. how does one replace or add to the pilots and control tower voice files? (at the moment its all american, which is fine but id like to add some RAF voices, i can act them and record them but not sure how to put them in the game, if its possible)
  9. cheers, got it working now, nice plane (how do you aim bombs in it though?, same goes for other planes with no hud, sorry if this is an old question)
  10. thanks for the info, dlled the f111 package trying to install now (looks a bit complicated) for some reason i thought it was a modern aircraft and was looking the wrong place. thanks again.
  11. hello all, first post (noob warning) is there an F111 available for strike fighters project 1? (i found one in a campaign but it didnt work) i would have thought this would be a popular model. (remember libya?) and what about the rockwell B1?. and the SR71, and the F117 and B2, and the Valkyrie XB-70? am most interested in the F111 though, anyone know of a DL from somewhere? (maybe its right under my nose and im being blind) great site btw, adds alot of value to flight sims, thanks to all contributors/modders etc.

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