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  1. thanks but can not find anything on that forum. you can not even search normal without getting a timeout. Can you give a link or copy it here or else telling me where the topic is on the BIg forum.
  2. Hi guys, I finally got the game, I did some general training and some f15 training. Now I went flying the campaign but when I takeoff me and my wingman going to the enemy on our right. Because it is a long distance I put on my radar for long range beyond visual range. So I push the 2 button and push I for scanning the area and select my rockets with D. But now the problem When I try to increase the altitude with Shift-; IT is not working. Second: When I search it is not finding enything on my radar.. I really really dont get it. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong. I did the training so I think im doing this the right way. Well please help me because when can not even finish the first mission then that would be a disgrace and dissapointing for me. Thanks
  3. Well You know what I think. It sucks bigtime that the manual is not with the game itself... There are trainings in the game but offcourse you want to know the entire features of the planes. Maybe someone will make there own manual because I think im going to need it a lott. :S

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