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  1. Not really the topic but I can't explain my problem at the title so.. I know how to deal with AIM-120 AMRAAM, but I dont know how to deal with AIM-120 AMRAAM when F-16C Hawk shot at you from 30nm :D I just see "Missile Launch" and wait... wait... and after like 1-2Min the missile hit me, even at 300ft.. You guys have some tips how to deal with the BVR Missiles that been shot at you from 30-40nm? (And don't tell me to play at 1980)
  2. Hey, I try to download the War For Israel and its got 5 parts.. So I download the Part 1,2,5,4 and when I try to download the part 3 its says "limit".. I really want to download it, but I need Part 3.. can you do something ? Thanks..
  3. New in this game and need help..

    My stick is F-15E HAWK TACTICAL CONTROL STICK.. its from the past, Its dosent have rudders thing.. I need to map 2 rudders into keyboard, one to turn left and one to turn right. I try do it by < > or arrows to right and left directions.. its just dosent work...
  4. New in this game and need help..

    But If I map the keyboard the stick wont work, or there is some configuration? My keyboard doing well in the thurttle thing (= \ -), but just the rudder don't react. I playing falcon bms 4.32
  5. I playing with stick, and I dont know if he will work in the take off. I learned how to power the plane. but I dont manage do understand where the rudders is ? cuz I found them under ctrls-rudder left \ right, I try to change them and its dosen't work. I try everything, arrows. weird combinations and stuff.. I cant move without the rudders and Its a big problem.. so : 1)If I choose in the setup to use the Stick and his react to the game, will it work ? cuz I didn't get to the take off part yet.. 2)rudders - please help someone, Its just un fixable, whatever I do, arrows, try to put them on CTRL+ALT+ARROW nothing work.. thanks and sorry for my bad english.
  6. I fly Normal difficulty. I see the enemy, but dosen't have sound of radar locking or something.. the J-10 just release the PILI-12 on me and the only thing that I have is "missile launch" in red. then I have to wait 4-5 min until its hit me. I try to release chaff and go down to 300ft when the alert from the tower comes, but its hit me after 2-4 min..
  7. Hey, I am playing War for Israel campgain and wondering how you guys dealing with a missile that launch at you from like 30-40nm ? Sometimes I have the RWR alert but I don't know when the missile come to me.. And another thing, sometimes a Japanese J-10 launch at me a PILI-12, which is semi-active or something so the RWR don't alert you, so you know a J-10 launch at you from 30-40nm a pili-12 and I don't know how to deal with that, cuz its always hit me.. Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

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