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  1. I know it's been a while since anyone has posted here but just a few errors I noticed, minor ones that really didn't detract from my gameplay: 1. JSTARS and AWACs callsigns did not match up with what air control was calling them. 2. When switching to USN aircraft taking off from carriers using F8 the carriers weren't there. 3. On the victory page, instead of the date I had %d. I think this was just a typo error but unsure. All around great mod, and I've been having only minor trouble with it downloaded in the same WoE file as NATO since I got it off Steam. Great work!
  2. FINAL UPDATE: Crisis averted, all planes have been installed correctly after modifying files.
  3. UPDATE PART 2: Fixed all units except F-4G for the 561st, which needs the F-4G_Early model. Modified both data files in campaign folders to match the files for the aircraft. If anyone can point me in the direction of finding the F-4G_Early that would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  4. I recently bought Wings over Europe and on advice from another player downloaded the NATO add-on aircraft and campaign. I ran into issues where some planes would not be downloaded properly. I was able to fix most of the issues through manually downloading the aircraft from the site, but I still had issues with a few aircraft in particular. The Canadair Saber Mk.6 (Specifically for the Canadian 444 Squadron 1962) did not download however, the German skins all did. I noticed the site that used to have that particular skin set available was done and was wondering if it was possible to find it in another place. I have also run into another issue with, ironically in my opinion, three different types of British planes as well as one American aircraft, where it seems I have all the necessary files downloaded but they do not appear in the game. They are as follows: Lightning F6 (RAF No. 11, 1968 and 1979) Javelin FAW.9 (RAF No. 85, 1962) Tornado GR Mk.1A (RAF No. IX and 617, 1979) F-4G (561st TFS 'Wild Weasels', 1979) I have attempted numerous fixes and have the files downloaded for all but the F-4G_Early, which I have been unable to find. I have attempted modifying the data files for the campaign to match the folder for the aircraft and while it will list the aircraft under the squadron, when I load into the hangar screen it will still give me a similar Soviet aircraft rather than the listed aircraft. Any advice on how to solve the issue would be greatly appreciated,thank you. UPDATE: I have managed to fix the 1962 aircraft. Still working on the others.

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