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  1. Thank you, that's all the information I need! The game I plan to mod it for, War Thunder, doesn't have selective air brake deployment either, guessing because most WW2 aircraft didn't have bombs in places that the airbrakes would interfere with, or in bomb bays. I'll keep posting pictures if anyone is interested as progress goes on with this model.
  2. Thank you both! Just one more thing, if the external fuel tank is not present, is the airbrake on the belly used alone, or are all used? Thanks again for the help :)
  3. Hey, new here. WIP MiG21 F13. This model isnt exactly for SF2, however, if anyone wants to use it when I'm finished, that's fine (although I believe there's already a 21F13 mod for it..). I'm having some issues confirming what are airbrakes and what is not. Near the nose on both sides I think is some sort of maintenance panel (not used as airbrakes), there is also an actual confirmed airbrake near the fin. Alleged "maintenance panel" (present on both sided of the jet): \ Confirmed airbrake: Can anyone confirm this?

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