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  1. Love the dark nights! Why IFRing fast jets in SF, sim without trim, is another question, though.
  2. Anotherthing to mention when having breakfast cheese... Bumps and seams on runway when taxiiing and rolling.
  3. Will try! Could we also reduce the muzzle smoke texture?
  4. Trim Stronger Mission Editor Muzzle effects that don`t kill FPS on my old rig when 48 Tu-4 or BUFFs fire at me with those turrets at the same time Better Weather Engine Darker Darker Nights (could be part of weather engine) A2G Radar So far so much
  5. IL-10 "Beast"

    Nice Piston Fighter for many air forces, in China there`s even a turboprop version
  6. Wonder if trimming of the three axle could be made possible, the autotrim we have now feel kinda of...Strange, no need to step on the ball while turning. Also, wish AI could have two different ways of handling the aircraft in and out of engagment, have been playing around with The Last of Lightning missions, AI fly in a very peculiar way and it is not possible to fly close formation with an AI fighter even in a simple pattern. Better Navaid and Weather Maybe? Regards.
  7. MiG-19S/SF cockpit

    Farmers, Fagots, Beagles, Saders, Scooters, these planes no other combat sim seem to offer now, with cockpits like this one made by you, are reasons I stick to SF2. Only wish we could trim in this game, auto trim takes a way a lot of fun from this good game engine... Great work, Stary!
  8. Su-9 Fishpot-B cockpit (for TW DLC model)

    Why, Stary, why? Do you know how one feels when such nice cockpits roll past him one by one but he cannot even get them to show in-game due to graphic problems? So much toment......
  9. MiG-19S/SF cockpit

    FIRST real MiG-19 pit in ANY game, Agggggggghhhhhh GREAT!
  10. Il-28 Beagle cockpit

    Mamma Mia this is overwhelming!
  11. Dispite rumors about massive soviet aid, which served as a excuse for the kuomintang of their failure, the PLAAF knew little airpower at the time, the aircrafts they got were concentrated in the Communist Aviation School in northeast China, or the Northeast Old Flight School as called in Chinese, the a/c are mainly old Japanese planes, but they did get few planes like Ki-45 or Ki-84, but gerenally speaking, its a tiny training force, attacked by the kuomintang airforce several times but survived and thrived. Later more kuomintang operated US, British, and Canadian A/C were captured uring the war and that led to the air parade on October 1st, 1949. in 1949 the modern patten of insignia was already in use, but at the aviation school time, its`s different, at times they even use kuomintang insignia to confuse enemy, but after the kuomintang attacks this kind of "camo" was dismissed, naturally. Reference here http://www.afwing.co...plaaf/plaaf.htm They got template for all these on simmerpaintshop if my memorie works, with insignia from other countries. Further questions, like translation, feel free to contact me~ Regards
  12. Greetings! I have long bee playing and modding for the SF1 series, and only recently transited to the SF2 series, but encountered a strange problem with Stary`s excellent mig-15 pit. When in game the pit plain refuse to show up, with no cockpit 3D or any texture showing up, but only the sight reticle, but the A/C fly nevertheless, zooming and panning in/outside the pit is OK, External 3D, weapons, and handling are all ok. and for KAW Yak-9 I got a even stranger ploblem. When the A/C is loaded up, no external 3D is shown, only ordnances on invisible hardpoints(if any), the pit model is displayed, but the sight reticle is not on sight glass, but placed on side of the canopy, and the default view when entering the pit is inclined sideways, through the misplaced reticle. The invisible A/C don`t move either, it just stuck in the sky,same for the same type flown by AI, but other types of AI A/C are just normal. Yet the KAW AD works just fine, and no prob for the default aircrafts. Also sometimes when using the J-10 Firefly from Combatace the pit go wrong, through the hud there`s something like a duplicate windshild, together with frame on the A/C`s nose beyond hud and actual windshield. The computer is a laptop with 2G memory and a 512MB AMD mobile HD3650 display adapter, winXP, directX 9.0C, and SF2 Isereal all patched up. Could anyone help me? Regards, Fallout3
  13. I made the J-8 and the 3dmax model is about 9000 polys without payload. It`s my first addon so I didn`t make .LODs, and later Erwin repacked that without much modification ,and the 9000 poly standard remained.
  14. Hmm, Sweet,Sweet MiG-21,Good Work! BTW,will J-7C Skin be included in the pack?
  15. CJ-6B



    CJ-6B of the PLAAF A great aircraft.Some CJ-6s have weapons,2X7.62mm machinegun,2 bombs. I changed the two machineguns into cannons,for 7.62mm is not powerful enough in WOE. BTW,this plane is "heavy and slow" in WOE,in fact,CJ-6 is a very quick and light plane,and very easy to control. The FM need some tweak. Important note! Don`t use this addon for any commercial use,or any use against China or the PLA and so on. If you post this addon to other places,please announce that it is made by fallout3 from CombatACE and the insky forum. Make skins and other addons with this plane freely,but please announce the original 3Dmodel,skin and so on are made by fallout3 in the readme files. Happy hunting! Requires the cockpit from the T-34 Mentor by SFP1 Dev A-Team. USE THE "TOGGLE ARRESTOR HOOK" KEY TO TOGGLE CANOPY

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